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On January 15th, MGM+ launched as an independent app and Amazon Prime channel. This comes as no surprise after Amazon bought MGM in 2021. The vast library of high-quality titles, previously available on the now-closed Epix channel, is now live on MGM+. This is no B-movie service. It's MGM, founded 99 years ago, the makers of all the movies in That's Entertainment .
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PRICE $2500

Audyssey room correction (Dirac Live coming soon)
9 powered channels for full Atmos/DTS:X
Precisely integrate up to four subs via Audyssey
Full compatibility with Marantz/Denon’s HEOS
Two-way Bluetooth (for wireless headphones, speakers)
Native streaming mostly requires HEOS app
No affirmation of surround mode (Atmos) when streaming from TV

A refined AVR offering 9-channel power for a full Atmos or DTS:X setup. It has excellent room-correction capabilities with an innovative multiple-subwoofer option.

With the advent of features such as room correction, object-oriented surround, and networked/wireless streaming (to name but three), AV receivers have become more elaborate than ever. So much so that just to enumerate all the features and functions of the Cinema 50, the next-to-top model in Marantz's newest AVR lineup, would easily exceed the column inches allotted to this entire report; pity the poor AV reviewer! (I know you all do.)

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I didn't attend the recent CES in Las Vegas. I haven't gone since 2017. CES can be exceptionally expensive these days; the hotels and restaurants dramatically increased their prices some years ago. I once heard a possible reason why: CES attendees, it was said, didn't gamble enough to keep the lower hotel rates profitable. The obvious solution: jack up the hotel rates, both for room and food!

The disruptions of the past three years have been hard on the biggest trade shows...

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Klipsch has once again teamed up with the McLaren Formula 1 Team, this time to create a series of speakers featuring “papaya orange” accents that recall the distinctive color racing legend Bruce McLaren chose for the F1 cars he drove to victory in the late ’60s.
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If you’re looking to hire an installer for a job — or really have any trade come and work in your home — here are some suggestions to help make the project go smoother for everyone. In Part 1 of this mini-series we covered what to do and be aware of leading up to installation day. Here, we cover what to expect on the day of the installation.
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Michael Mann's preeminent crime thriller somehow eluded wide audiences in 1995 but has since become an absolute classic of the genre. As he did with Thief several years prior, the writer/director goes deep into the world of career crooks, imparting specific tricks of the trade while revealing the perpetrators as utterly no-nonsense individuals. We can't dismiss them as heartless—their attempts to establish or maintain relationships yield much of the film's fascinating character drama—yet they are incredibly dangerous, willing to kill without hesitation as needed.

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Jeff Beck was the guitarist’s guitarist. He came of age during the British Invasion, and he created sound after otherworldly guitar sound that would cause you to both tap your foot and bob your head in appreciation while concurrently boggling your mind. Sadly, Beck passed away in his native England on January 10 at age 78, following a brief illness. Luckily for us, his recorded legacy spans seven decades, and whether the playback format was mono, stereo, or surround sound, Jeff Beck could always be heard playing on a three-dimensional plane. S&V music editor Mike Mettler looks back on the stellar career of a singular artist who influenced generations of listeners and musicians alike.

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PRICE $3500 (without screen)

Sits close to wall
Very bright
Low input lag
No rainbow effect
Accurate colors
Limited color gamut
Can't be calibrated
No HDMI 2.1
2-way pixel shift
No 3D

Serving up to 150 inches of viewing, Epson's new triple-LCD UST blows away the UST competition with its category-leading high brightness and easy placement. It's a do-it-all display equally happy to serve up TV, streaming shows, live sports, video games, and 4K movies.

The ultra-short-throw projector category is where all the action is these days when it comes to home entertainment projection. You'll find both name-brand TV makers and brands you've never heard of battling it out for a spot in your living room. But here's the thing: A UST can do both TV and home theater projector-like things. And in some ways, it's a whole new animal.

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With the coming addition of movie and TV rentals, Plex will become the first app you should open on your streaming device. Although we’ve written about Plex before, so much has changed that it’s time to do an overview of all of its features.
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Now that CES and the holidays are behind us, we’ve gathered up some A/V news and new product announcements that slipped between the cracks in recent weeks, starting with a story out of China about counterfeit speakers.