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Q I have a Yamaha stereo receiver and would like to connect a Polk active sub to the “B” speaker jacks while powering a pair of Polk speakers from the “A” speaker jacks. Will this work, or must I instead connect the speakers to the line out on the sub? Which connection will give me the best result without causing damage to the amp? — Alex Parkes, via email

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Take a look at this photograph. What do you think this thing is? Since you're reading this magazine, you are probably technology-oriented. But unless you are 98-years old, you might not recognize that this device played a major role in the early days of radio and audio technology. Let me explain.

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Christmas! Chestnuts roasting on an open fire (hopefully in a fireplace). Jack Frost nipping at your nose. And lots of Christmas movies. Here are a few of my favorites.
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The organizers of the fourth annual Florida International Audio Expo want to get next year’s show on your calendar. The three-day event will return to Tampa Friday, February 17 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton.
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The Kinks were at a crossroads. As they entered the 1970s, the British pop/rockers hadn't yet ascended to the next toppermost level, even after achieving new heights following the songwriting leap Ray Davies took with the still poignant 1967 track, "Waterloo Sunset." It took two critical back-to-back albums, November 1971's Muswell Hillbillies and August 1972's Everybody's in Show-Biz, to fully get them there—and then they never looked back.
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Urbanista, the Swedish lifestyle brand specializing in reasonably priced wireless headphones and earbuds, is now shipping the solar-powered Phoenix noise-canceling wireless earbuds it announced in August.
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Kaleidescape Scenes
One of the bloodiest battles of World War II happened on Okinawa in 1945 and it wasn’t a place you wanted to be if you didn’t carry a weapon. But for contentious objector Desmond Doss, this wasn’t an option. While he believed the war was justified — which is why he volunteered — his personal belief was that killing was wrong and he wasn’t going to be a party to it. He joined the military to be a medic and was there to save lives, not take them. And save lives he did — 75 of them over the course of one night when he was stuck behind enemy li
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As a film enthusiast and writer, I often find myself involved in discussions revolving around what are my favorite films, and what I consider to be The Best Film of All Time. Neither question can be simply answered, however there is no doubt that Casablanca will always be a part of the conversation.
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Okay, now we’re really getting down to the wire. Christmas is 10 days away and it’s awfully late to be still thinking about holiday shopping…yet I know I’m not alone. The good news: There’s still time to squeak in a few last-minute gifts and there are some really sweet deals to be had. Adding to last week’s holiday gift list, here’s another 10 potential gifts to give (and get) — all Top Picks, vetted and approved by Sound & Vision reviewers — 11 if you count our just-posted Top Pick: Bowers & Wilkins’ excellent Px8 noise-canceling wireless headphones. This week’s picks range in price from $230 to $800 and are presented here from least to most expensive with current discounts noted. Happy last-minute shopping!
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Following this past year’s merger of HBO Max and Discovery, it appears the new service will be called simply “Max.” This could be a foretelling of the new service, as many series, including Westworld, were canceled and will soon be removed from the service altogether. CEO David Zaslav is taking a radical stance to reduce costs and make investors happy.