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Mike Mettler sits down with Dave Clark, the innovative drummer and savvy businessman who helmed The Dave Clark Five, the one band that most consistently gave The Beatles a run for their money on the pop charts during the heyday of The British Invasion in the 1960s.
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Build Quality
PRICE $2,995

Natural dialogue Detailed without sounding aggressive Great Value
Limited deep bass

This Aperion Audio Novus system delivers great sound with music and, when combined with a good subwoofer or two, enough visceral thrills to keep up with the most sonically ambitious movie soundtracks.

Aperion Audio had a dilemma. Its flagship speaker line, the Aperion Verus III, costs considerably more than its entry level Intimus range, with the $2,500 flagship Verus III Grand tower selling for nearly three times the price of the $800/pair Intimus 5t tower. Both are bargains in high-end audio's accelerating race to the top, but buyers who might spend more than $800 aren't always keen about making a $2,500 commitment, not to mention the added outlay needed for a full home theater speaker setup. Enter the company's new Novus range, which at $1,400/pair for the Novus towers neatly splits the difference between the two existing ranges.

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Custom installation innovator Origin Acoustics has announced that it will ship a new line of high-performance powered subwoofers in March.
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British hi-fi specialist Naim Audio has announced the availability of a firmware update that enables direct access to the subscription-based Qobuz hi-res music streaming service in a half dozen of its products.
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Italian speaker specialist Sonus faber today introduced a 600-watt powered subwoofer featuring a leather-wrapped cabinet, app control of multiple setup parameters, and optional wireless connectivity.
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SVS today kicked off its annual President's Day Blowout offering discounts up to 40% on everything in its Outlet Store, including the company’s award-winning 2000 Series subwoofers.
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I first saw George Pal’s 1953 The War of the Worlds as an 11-year old. It terrified me, but I couldn’t look away. I wasn’t aware at the time that it was based on a book by H.G. Wells, a story that had earlier been adapted by Orson Welles into a 1938 radio drama. The latter had panicked hundreds of adults. Scared as I was in watching the film, I knew it was just a movie. A surprising number of those 1938 listeners thought the broadcast was real.

Both that 1938 broadcast and the 1953 film insured that alien invasions from outer space would become a staple of sci-fi films. Since then the Earth has been attacked from beyond dozens of times in movies, television shows, and even in a 1978 progressive rock album from Jeff Wayne. The results, depending on individual tastes, have ranged from stunning to silly.

But no serious film fan today can deny that the 1953 War of the Worlds is a cult classic...

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Utah-based audio specialist RBH Sound has unveiled a limited-edition audio system to commemorate 45 years in business.
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Do you find the previews that automatically play when you launch Netflix intrusive and annoying? Good news: Netflix has responded to the outcry of disgruntled users with a fix.
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While the winners of the 92nd Academy Awards (a.k.a. The Oscars) are still fresh in our minds, check out Sound & Vision’s reviews of four winning films.