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PRICE $269

Warm yet detailed sound
Ultra-compact form factor
Bluetooth streaming
No front panel volume control
USB input support maxes out at 24/48

The A2+ combines audiophile-friendly sound with the convenience of Bluetooth to create a broadly appealing compact speaker package.

Audioengine is well-known for making affordable powered and passive speakers that are compact enough for desktop use. Like several of the company's previous offerings, its most recent model, the A2+, is a petite powered speaker with multiple connectivity options, including wireless aptX Bluetooth streaming. What makes it stand out from other Audioengine speakers? The price: at $269, the A2+ is the least expensive powered Bluetooth model in the company's lineup.

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Samsung Display has announced plans to invest $11 billion in a hybrid video display that melds the quantum-dot technology used in its LCD-based quantum dot (QD) QLED TVs with OLED, according to The Korea Times.
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OSD Black, the Brea, California-based audio company, has introduced two streaming modules that bring high-quality wireless connectivity with app control to existing AV systems.
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Vizio has announced discounts of up to 25% on three of its Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbars and modest markdowns ranging from 5% to 12% on a handful of 4K TVs.
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U.K.-based iFi Audio aims to boost the quality of Bluetooth streaming with a compact device that can be connected to any audio system via an analog or digital connection.
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And lo, there was a new breed of musician who had come to town, and they were duly christened singer/songwriters. In the wake of the burgeoning rock era's focus on volume-dealing power trios and instrumentally propelled multi-member ensembles (whether schooled or otherwise), there soon emerged another genre compelled by a more sensitive, more lyric-driven, and more acoustified approach.
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In May Sound United surprised the AV world with word that it had entered into an agreement to acquire Onkyo’s consumer audio division, which includes the Pioneer, Pioneer Elite, and Integra brands.

Five months later, the deal is dead...

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Tomorrow’s matchup between the University of Florida and Louisiana State University will make history as the first college football game to be broadcast live in 4K when the teams take the field in Baton Rouge at 8 p.m. ET.
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If the notion of a holographic television in your living room strikes you as the stuff of sci-fi, think again.
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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the counterculture classic Easy Rider with a new 4K digital release available for streaming or download.