ZVOX ZBASE 555 Surround Soundbar Sweepstakes

Register to win a ZVOX ZBASE 555 Surround Soundbar (MSRP $399.99) we are giving away.

According to ZVOX:

Unlike conventional home theater systems or "sound bars," the ZVOX 555 creates room-filling three-dimensional sound from a single low-profile cabinet. No external speakers or subwoofers. No speaker wires. Just place your flat panel TV on top of the ZVOX system, plug in one connecting wire -- and you're ready to go.

The 555 uses 5 full-range speakers, a 5.25" powered subwoofer, a 70-watt amplifier and ZVOX's proprietary PhaseCue virtual surround technology. It includes revolutionary a Dialog Emphasis circuit to create super-clear voice reproduction. And you can program the 555 to work with virtually any remote control.

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

Hillcountryliving's picture

I have a good use for this.

strongstein's picture

friend buying new panny plasma - needs to improve sound - nice fit!

yankees27's picture


michaelplevine's picture

...to improve sound of stand-alone bedroom TV.

rstedman's picture

Thanks for the Sweepstakes

rsmith449's picture

I have a strong need for this for my bedroom.

Joe Cronin's picture

This would be a nice addition to my older TV.

creator's picture

My bedroom tv the speaker is going bad. So this would really help.

ccfunkster's picture

I could use this in the bedroom

HeavyToka's picture

This would make a great gift for my moms birthday

dgenson's picture


Avplayer's picture

This would work nice in the bedroom

mblackm2's picture

Would make a great gift for my grandpa who has trouble hearing dialogue from his tv speakers

jraya's picture

I've been in need of the ZBASE 555 for quite some time now, but I just can't afford it due to the struggling economy. It would certainly brighten my day and be put to use immediately if I were chosen!

cgeeplatonique's picture

I've always been wanting to experiment with soundbars, but after hearing from acquaintances who've tried Zvox products & have been impressed, it makes perfect sense to jump into the bandwagon. This little beast should look good under my 26" LCD TV.

katanadude's picture

Could use it!

hiptech's picture

I seem to recollect a conversation between Scott and Leo where Leo said to avoid soundbars as they were pretty useless, was I wrong?

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

instybob's picture

Great concept

TrentonMakes's picture

This is perfect for my bedroom Samsung 40 inch Tv. It would get my wife off my back about getting a system for the room.

VoodooCompany's picture

Is this magic? I don't believe this is possible! I'm willing to test this out though.

davidmcc's picture

This would be great for my lowly old 32" Samsung TV!

psuazo's picture

Ill takes this overhere

kuroda's picture

seems like a decent match for most flat penel TVs.

John62's picture

The Zvox looks great. I'd be glad to have one

bigtom4prez's picture

Sound bar is always a good idea.

sbk1799's picture

I could really use this.

compunut's picture

This would be perfect for my Mother. I can't stand listening to movies on the built in TV speakers.

gonzosparky04's picture

Sure could use this to liven up the sound in my bedroom.

StudioApt HT's picture

I would love to have one of these!

johnnyrichards's picture

I would be interested in testing this, and gifting it to my parents afterwards.

CiaoBoy's picture

Please enter me into the contest. Thanks.


vmash's picture

Yes please

PatVan's picture

This would be perfect for our rec room!

lawn_wrangler's picture


ayub_shafi's picture

would look great under my bedroom TV

budabellyx's picture

Looks perfect for my bedroom!

david.parker83's picture

Could always use more toys!

Selachi60@yahoo.com's picture

I wonder if it'll support a DLP.... Half kidding.

fufanuer's picture

Thanks for holding this contest. I hope I win.

kjmaje's picture

I would be Dad of the Year if I won this fo rmy kids! They could watch their shows/movies in 3 dimensional sound!

pacomo's picture

No cables? I am in!

dcat's picture

free stuff is awesome

Carewster's picture

I have always wanted one of these. This will be perfect for my home office setup.

Speakerphile's picture

I could really use a new speaker!

Rubietsdy's picture

This would be awesome under my Samsung!

billyotheater's picture

Perfect for the bedroom.

Eagleshadow's picture

I would enjoy this immensely.

hooper8's picture

Pick Me!

lincolnusa's picture

Great prize...thanks for the sweepstakes!

ndviper301's picture

Fine!, I guess I'll take it...

pointfdr's picture

would be a good bedroom speaker.

funboy's picture

need it

von Krag's picture

I could see this as a solution to good sound on my iMac.

lazyrivr's picture

My parents' TV has pretty poor sound, and I think they'd enjoy better sound if they actually heard it!

Toscalovich's picture

Can't tell you how long I've looked to enable my parents to enjoy clear, full sound with a prospective HDTV we want to get. The TV I'm thinking about has a clearance of about 1.5 inches. So that means I have to get a 2-inch-high soundbar (along with its commensurate tinny sound) or get a riser to put the TV on so the soundbar won't obscure the IR receptor on the bottom bezel.

ZVOX is to be lauded for finding a niche and filling it. Although I'd love to see what they could do with some tweeters added to their complement of bigger drivers, I've read the clarity of this speaker is very high.

Good job, ZVOX, and thank you for mitigating the incidence of SAF encountered before installing the TV and its soundbar.

derekht's picture

I've never had a soundbar, but I bet it would sound good.

Mister Leadfoot's picture

I would totally gift this to my dad.

mweston's picture

I would be perfect for the chest location with plasma tv on top. Plus the sound would be better than the internal tv speakers and no hassle to install ceiling speakers.

biaubill's picture

Perfect gift for someone whose like a second mother to me!! Please let me win something for once!

Rhys's picture

Getting a new TV very soon, and this would be a great addition, thanks.

Boken's picture

At least not by chance. If I'm in control of the outcome, like a game of "Settlers of Catan" than I win.

Jupiter_Spunk's picture

Go ZVOX - Straight to my living room.

Jarod's picture

Great gift for my parents!!!

tvb6171's picture

Sure would like this

char_williams's picture

I have been trying to talk a buddy into getting one, so this would be great!

mzweibel's picture

Here's hoping Fate does me a solid.

Rob1956's picture

Fingers crossed!

Drigs's picture

to replace the stock speakers of my TV and not be forced to turn on the surround every time I want to watch a show.

MalcolmV's picture


TheBaird's picture

I could finally get my sister to update her sad little surround sound system.

Lenarra's picture


blmartin1984's picture

Would work nicely in my master bedroom.

2orque's picture

this would be great in my bedroom!!!

SunriseGatefield's picture

Sure could be good for the bedroom set up!

And the dice roll...

rsmith449's picture

Really want this...

curtiswhite's picture

sure would be nice.

shutyertrap's picture

I could always use speakers, especially the free kind!

tarzan1234's picture

This would be a wonderful gift for my friend who just moved into a new home.

ctbiggs's picture

This would be great for the mountain townhome we have that still needs some furnishings.

Randi Farwell's picture

I would look good listening to this

goodfellas27's picture

need 1

sutherlandmark's picture

Need this in my bedroom

BrAnd's picture

I sure could use this soundbar.

jaymacher's picture

sweet to have one,

utopianemo's picture

Eeny, meeny, miney moe, one of these for the kids and we're ready to go!

fourvw's picture

This contest came at a good time.

davidv1662's picture

I awoke this morning with cheese in my nose. I don't know how it got there. I think my dog may have done it.

Tarajeanne's picture

would make my husband happy!

kwil79's picture

I would love to win this!