Zvox Adds AV157 to AccuVoice TV Speaker Line

Soundbar, soundase, and headphone manufacturer Zvox Audio has added a new model to its family of AccuVoice TV speakers. The AV157 ($299) is a compact soundbar with SuperVoice dialogue clarifying technology, a new feature that “uses Zvox’s patented hearing aid algorithms to make dialogue more clear,” and also comes with SuperVoice tech that further enhances dialogue by reducing background noise in TV programs.

“The best way to understand our SuperVoice technology is to picture a stage,” says ZVOX founder Tom Hannaher. “But instead of a row of actors, imagine a row of sounds. Our proprietary AccuVoice technology, that we introduced in 2016, clarifies voices and brings them forward on the stage. Our SuperVoice technology takes the other sound effects into the background – ‘pushing them backstage’ – so they don’t interfere with voice intelligibility.”

AccuVoice hearing aid technology on the AV157 provides 12 levels of dialogue boost. The soundbar is Alexa Ready, letting a user connect an Alexa Echo device to its 3.5mm analog input, while an optical digital audio input is provided for connection to a TV. Zvox’s AV157 comes with a remote control, and it can also be programmed to respond to the volume control commands on a TV’s remote.

Visit Zvox.com to learn more about the AV157 and the company’s full line of AccuVoice TV speakers.

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