Wisdom of the Ages

Wisdom Audio makesd highly specialized and very expensive in-wall audio systems. The utilize line-array full-range speakers with the midrange and high end covered by long planar drivers, the lower end by several mid-sized bass units per channel, and, now, humongous subwoofers consisting of two 15" PRO drivers in cabinets estimated at over 12 cubic feet. Wisdom's brochure assures us that these 17.75" wide, 36" deep, and (I'd guess) five feet high monsters are "space efficient!" But they are designed to be hidden away.

And driven by Wisdom's custom and equalized electronics, the whole system made a mighty impressive sound. I admit that I've had mixed feelings about many of Wisdom's prior demos, given the prices commanded by their systems (the price of this one was not available, but I suspect it's less than the Krell package discussed elsewhere here). But this is by far the best I've heard them sound, and a formidable challenge to any surround sound system I've heard—allowing of course for the limited (but high quality) sampling of program material possible under show conditions.

The picture was every bit as impressive, from a Projectiondesign Avielo DLP projector and ISCO anamorphic lens and a 140"-wide Screen Research screen (gain 0.95). At least, allowing for the mismatch of using 1.85:1 and 1.78:1 sources full width on a 2.35:1 screen.