Vandersteen Model 5A Speaker System: Short Take

Price: $22,434 as configured in SCB's reference system.

Model 5A: Slot-loaded four-way, five driver floor stander with integrated 400W, 12" powered subs, 20Hz LF, $16,900 and up depending on finish
VCC-5 center: Three-way, "triaxial" four driver designed for stand, 50Hz LF, $1995 ea.
VSM-1 surrounds: Two-way, two driver coaxial speaker designed for wall-mounting, 60Hz LF, $949/pr.
2Wq subwoofers: Three-driver slot-loaded sub with 300W amp, adjustable Q, 20Hz LF $1295/ea.

Built on Vandersteen's flagship Model 5A, one of the most sophisticated and innovative speakers yet designed, this system of time-and-phase coherent speakers delivers effortless dynamics, incredible low-level detail resolution, and spatial dimension and precise imaging that is unrivalled by conventional designs. But more than all that, this Vandersteen system delivers a sense of realism, and natural palpability that defines high-end audio and takes home theater into entirely another realm of purity, believability and expression. A lot of systems claim audiophile roots, but this is one of the precious few systems that deliver on that promise of uncompromised quality. While not cheap, its performance and inclusion of four powered subwoofers makes it an extraordinary value.