Totem Acoustic Tribe III On-Wall Speaker System At A Glance & Ratings

At A Glance: Totem Acoustic Tribe III On-Wall Speaker System

Subwoofer: Storm
Connections: Speaker level, line level
Enclosure Type: Passive radiator
Woofer (size in inches, type): 8, poly cone; 8, passive (2)
Power Rating (watts): 300
Crossover Bypass: Yes
Available Finishes: Cherry, Gloss Black, Maple, Mahogany, Black Ash
Dimensions (H x W x D, inches): 12 x 11 x 14
Weight (pounds): 35
Price: $1,000

Speaker: Tribe III
Type: On-wall speaker
Tweeter (size in inches, type): 1.2, soft dome
Midrange (size in inches, type): N/A
Woofer (size in inches, type): 4, polypropylene (2)
Nominal Impedance (ohms): 4
Recommended Amp Power (watts): 30–200
Available Finishes: Gray, Black
Dimensions (H x W x D, inches): 36 x 5.9 x 3.75 (with grille)
Weight (pounds): 27
Price: $1,500/each

These listings are based on the manufacturer's stated specs; the HT Labs box below indicates the gear's performance on our test bench.

Ratings: Totem Acoustic Tribe III On-Wall Speaker System

Build Quality: 95 Excellent
• Extremely well-built, solid cabinets are finely finished with a black or gray satin exterior to match most flat-panel displays

Value: 89 Average
• A little pricey, but makes a high-resolution audio match for a high-definition flat panels

Features: 86 Average
• New Torrent woofer has wide dispersion
• Speakers can be biamped or biwired

Performance: 90 Good
• Provides good midbass response even without a sub
• Clean, detailed mids and highs

Ergonomics: 89 Average
• Speakers have solid-steel wall mounts for a secure installation with a custom look

Overall Rating: 90 Good
Once again, Totem has succeeded in crafting an elegant loudspeaker system that makes a good match for flat panels.

General Information
Tribe III On-Wall Loudspeaker, $1,500/each; Storm Subwoofer, $1,000
Totem Acoustic
(514) 259-1062

Totem Acoustic
(514) 259-1062