SVS Prime Satellite Sweepstakes

Register to win a SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Home Theater System with SB-1000 Subwoofer (MSRP $999) we are giving away.

According to the company:

SVS is offering one Sound & Vision reader the chance to win a high end Prime Satellite 5.1 home theater system with SB-1000 Subwoofer. The SVS Prime system delivers an immersive surround sound experience with bass you can feel, flexible installation options and dynamics that far exceed its compact size. Enjoy the full impact of all your music, movies, TV and other content with this new high performance speaker system from SVS.

When entering we request that you tell us the first song or movie you would most like to experience with a new SVS Prime 5.1 Prime Satellite system. (Just your personal preference, no right or wrong answers and the drawing will be completely random.)

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed]

svenska's picture

The perfect gift for my studious daughter.

K.Reid's picture

Great contest. The SB-1000 is the little sub that could. I would definitely watch Cloverfield on Bluray to experience the awesome low frequency sonics in the movie.

coldsoul's picture

This would be very nice.

saadmh1's picture

Very first demo would be Chris Nolan's Inception on blu-ray: both the movie for surround sound, and the 5.1 audio only supplement!

Rootcanal's picture

I'd demo Mad Max Fury Road! Great way to break in new speakers.

eugovector's picture

So is it first song/movie, or any comment? No matter...first song would be "Be Brave" by My Brightest Diamond. I can't believe MBD isn't an audiophile household name by now.

dandiego's picture

This would be a nice upgrade over my Energy Take Classic 5.1 system.

Cmk5584's picture

It would be a great upgrade from my old nakamichi

HossHuffner's picture

First album would be THE DEAR HUNTER's KING OF SWORDS. It's kinda new, but I keep going back to it. The Haxan Cloak will sound awesome on a proper system as well.

MTHelm's picture

One of my go to test tracks is on this cd. Track 11 / Fire. Although I admit it is almost impossible to pick just one song.

Movie to really test the sub would be Batman begins, Or Avatar or Edge of Tomorrow.

User5910's picture

I would listen to Keith Richards' Words.

neckdart's picture

Pink Floyd - Wish you were here

pogiwonkanobi's picture

Would be great for the living room!

davidmcc's picture

This would be a great package, great integration, perfect for a small room.

aopu.mohsin's picture

What do I have to do to win this?

Gonzaga_1's picture

This past spring I conversed with Ryan C. at SVS for about a month as I debated which subwoofer to buy, and throughout the entire process I was amazed by SVS. I had endless questions for Ryan, which he continued to answer in the most professional and detailed manner I could possibly imagine. Never before have I experienced this level of customer service. I will definitely consider SVS when making any audio purchase in the future.

StudioApt HT's picture

We got us a family here!

(thanks for the awesome, awesome giveaways!)

rmesick's picture

Who couldn't use a nice set of speakers.

trashmanssd7's picture

Would go nice in either my video game room or out in the garage to make it the ultimate man cave garage with 55' LCD wall mounted.

Bwsmith's picture

I would love to have dual SVS subwoofers!

lisanne624's picture

I'd love to listen to the new Martian movie when it's released on DVD!

CyberChrist's picture

The first movie I'd watch would be the most recent Godzilla. My current HTIB falls flat on it's face with the extreme lows during the HALO jump and ensuing action.

aidoroboo's picture


Still might anger my townhouse neighbors though.

ToneLoce's picture

I'd put on Pacific Rim, that movie has some serious base

I'd like to see if their speakers are as good as their subs!

Hillcountryliving's picture

This would be great for my game room.

docstryder's picture

This is awesome.. YES!!

dweinberg1332's picture

Would love to watch the movie U-571 on this system !

tranc2007's picture

We all a fan of SVS systems for many years. The next generation will do the same :)

kkuz's picture

My first demo would be Air on G String by Jacques Loussier

dweinberg1332's picture

A great movie to demo this system would be Independence Day. When the alien spaceship is blowing up the cities would sound awesome.

big45's picture

Always see SVS reviews and think "I would love to get some of these". Then I look at my budget and think "not yet".

prerich45's picture

Very nice sub/sat set count me in on this great give away!!!!

ChrisGully's picture

This would be cool to re-watch Saving Private Ryan with

Milesj's picture

The Dark Knight

vonKrag's picture

This would fit a cabin in the Minnesota North Woods well.

Audi O.'s picture

Underworld: Awakening (2012) was a pretty impressive experience, even with my very modest setup. This SVS setup would be a super-nice upgrade.

Old Ben's picture

The first thing I would watch would be Star Wars, Episode IV.

XadRav's picture

I've been dying for a new sub!

jmilton7043's picture

May the audio gods smile upon me...

jmilton7043's picture


dwquinn1968's picture

I'd love a new SVS speaker system!

kdnash's picture

This would be great system for my family room.

kdnash's picture

Would love to watch Age of Ultron with these.

jalan's picture

I would certainly like to pair this with my Marantz amp. My current speakers are non-matching. 1st song would be Dire Straits - Down To The Waterline. 1st movie would be Clockwork Orange

seg1971's picture

Mad Max: Fury Road would be the first i'd play. Best movie so far this year!

Spence's picture

A happy upgrade to my old system!

Iamhoosier1's picture

It's all about the bass...

NoSoupForYou's picture

I would re-watch Apocalyto,I watched it in stereo before i got my surround sound and then after....MIND BLOWN.I would party to some Soca music to celebrate winning.

Zac10sim's picture

I think I would need to test the dynamics with a great crushing movie. How about 13 going on 30.... Only kidding. Star Trek Into Darkness has a great sound trek.... See what I did there. Okay I am done now.

NoSoupForYou's picture

Nicely done.

Azteca's picture

Wow, this would be perfect for my needs. I would love to listen to the Bill Evans Trio playing "Gloria's Step" and just get lost in the soundstage as my living room turns into the Village Vanguard.

JohnSaxon's picture

I would watch Mad Max with these speakers. Want these!

scardella's picture

I'd have to watch Tron: Legacy to give that sub a workout.

rattmobbins's picture

Got a set of Ultras in the living room and would LOVE to watch Jurassic World in the bedroom with this set of Primes!!!

idboy's picture

Awesome little system - great speakers.

sanderbog's picture

Love contests here

mjarina's picture

May the Force Be With You!

toonontherun's picture

Yeah it would be nice to win this.

Kinfolk's picture

Would love to own this system. The first thing i would do after setting up the system would have to be to watch Twister just for the scene where the cow flies by the truck

jjlong's picture

Live Blu-Ray of Joe Bonamassa - Song, Sloe Gin ****

puddy77's picture

And thank you

termy's picture

I'd run Interstellar to break these.

excitemike's picture

Do Want.

riverboa's picture

My first demo is to rewatch Interstellar.

JayhawkLaw's picture

Movie: Tough call, but I'd probably go with The Dark Knight

Song: Another tough call. Today? Dire Straits, The Man's Too Strong. Tomorrow, who knows.

N Evans87's picture

First movie to test this system out would probably be Interstellar

gillsans's picture

Probably something by The Clash. Complete Control?

samchitwood's picture

First song - Sandstorm, of course.

I own two SVS subs and highly recommend the company. The amp in one sub died after it was out of warranty and they worked with me to replace it at a reasonable cost and new warranty. Looking forward to trying their towers next.


varneysa's picture

Thanks for the contest.

triforce7's picture

I've been continually impressed with SVS products and the company itself. I wouldn't mind a set of these for my entertainment room to replace my old Mirage system.

ramblr's picture

SVS for the win!

bsotak's picture

Would watch The Dark Knight first!

lliw's picture

Anything by Brian Eno

Boston2016's picture

Love this system!

Ben Truong's picture

This would be great to start my home theater after I get back from deployment! Would love to hear some pentatonix and some great blues or jazz music and as for movies I would love to watch the new Avengers and maybe Mad Max!

brrgrr's picture

What a Christmas gift this would be.

mikem's picture

I've been coveting a SVS system for years so here's hoping...

Mike Malia
Daytona Beach

Sjaxkingpin's picture

Would love to win this and my first listen would be Dire Straits "Brothers In Arms"

ahuesjp's picture

I want the set.

RichAbe's picture

Always great quality and sound for a very fair price.

Mrsnikoph78's picture

Count me in - I'd love to watch the new Avengers movie with this system cranking!

walt0291's picture

The opening scene of Star Wars Episode III or the charge of the Rohirrim in Return of the King

Arnaud32's picture

Those would sound sweet in my place!

jds5445's picture

I would listen to the button masher remix of shelter by the xx. It's my favorite song on good bass systems.

sound guy's picture

First experience has to be the new Tesseract album: Polaris. A true 5.1 mix in DTS 96/24! Great sound! First movie would have to be The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. Great music and surround effects and lots of bass!

lipper11's picture

My first demo of these speakers would be castaway.

specialk's picture

I'd demo the lobby scene in The Matrix

Metallica's picture

what a nice price ! can't wait to heard it!

drewdlz's picture

To Win!

cadmo12's picture

These would be a fine addition to my room! Already looking for new speakers and these have been high on my list!