Step By Step: How to Run Wire Through a Wall Page 2

STEP 4: PROBE Before you accidentally drill a hole in a pipe, electrical line, or air vent, find out where your wire is going to come out. Using a 1/8-inch bit, drill a small hole at the edge of the crown mold (into the attic) or baseboard (into the crawlspace) by both the electronics and the TV. Go s-l-o-w-l-y. If you encounter any resistance, stop! When you're through, leave the bit in place, then go into the attic or crawlspace and see where it came out.

STEP 5: DRILL From the attic or crawlspace, drill a hole in the top or bottom plate in the same stud bay where you cut in your wall boxes. Have somebody tap on the floor or ceiling to orient you before drilling. (That person can also make sure the bit comes through in the right place.) You'll then have a pathway from your gear to the TV.

STEP 6: PULL THE WIRE Unterminated wire is easier to run, but if your cabling is terminated, electrical tape will keep the wires and connectors in a tight bundle that will be easier to pull through the holes you've drilled. Make sure not to put any kinks or tight bends in the cabling, and avoid electrical wires as much as possible. (When necessary, cross them at right angles.)

STEP 7: CONNECT Connect the wiring to your TV and gear, put a wall plate on the wall boxes, and you're done! What are you waiting for? Start the movie already!

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