SSE Reference Fixed Frame Acoustically Transparent Projection Screens

In a joint venture between US-based Seymour AV and UK-based Screen Excellence, the aptly named Seymour-Screen Excellence (SSE) recently announced its new Reference Fixed Frame (RF) acoustically transparent projection screens. Initially available are two materials—Enlightor 2 and Enlightor 4K.

Both materials are woven, providing 10 to 100 times more holes per square inch than perforated vinyl. This allows the screen to be placed immediately in front of the speakers with virtually no attenuation or comb filtering, so there's no need for sound equalization. With a gain of 1.1, SSE claims the Enlightor 2 material (seen in contrast-enhanced close-up on the left above) is the highest-gain woven screen available today, and its weave allows a minimum seating distance of 11 feet with 1080p images. Even more exciting is the ISF-certified Enlightor 4K material with a gain of 0.98 and a much finer weave (as seen on the right above, again contrast-enhanced to see the weave better in this photo) that can accommodate a resolution of 4K with no minimum seating distance.

Both materials are available in standard 1.78:1 and 2.37:1 form factors as well as custom aspect ratios in fixed frames with a new Infinite Black velvet border, and SSE is working on updating its retractable, curved, and masking systems for the new materials. Prices start at $2500 for a 90-inch-wide 1.78:1 Enlightor 2 or 80-inch-wide 1.78:1 Enlightor 4K. When it comes to acoustically transparent screens, I'm a big fan of the woven approach, so I look forward to checking out these materials.