Sony KDL-55HX850 3D LCD HDTV Specs

Type: LCD
Screen Size (diagonal, inches): 55
Native Resolution: 1080p
3D: Yes
HD Tuners: OTA
Backlight: Edge-lit LED
Wall Mount or Stand Included?: Stand
Dimensions (W x H x D, inches): 50.25 x 29.7 x 1.5 (without stand); 50.25 x 31.9 x 13.5 (with stand)
Weight (pounds): 47.8 (without stand); 57.8 (with stand)
Price: $2,600

Inputs: Video: HDMI (4), PC D-sub 15-pin analog RGB, component video (1, shared), composite video (2, 1 shared), RF antenna/cable (1)
Audio: Stereo analog (2), PC or DVI into HDMI2 (mini-jack, 1)
Outputs: Audio: Optical digital (1), stereo analog (mini-jack, 1)
Additional: USB (2), LAN (1), Audio Return Channel (ARC) on HDMI1

Company Info
(877) 865-SONY

(877) 865-SONY

steve1971's picture

Excellent review Tom on the HX850 but dont over look the Sony HX750. I have the 46HX750 and besides the Corning Gorilla Glass the 2 tv's are almost the same. I used your settings for the HX850 on my tv and they worked! They looked better then Cnet's settings. But that being said Tom great review. I only hope you guys will be able to give a review of the HX750 which in my book and to my untrained eye measures up the the HX850 in every way.

etrochez's picture

It seems to me that the 2D performance in the rating system is king, yet the Sharp Elite got 4.5 stars and this one got 5 stars. Therefore, judging by HT's rating system this TV is better that the Sharp Elite when watching regular 2D content. Or, is the 5 star rating based on the price point of the TV? Which doesn't add up either, since the Elite has no competition, then why it would get 4.5 stars? I understand that the Elite is considered the best TV in the market, but I have always found the rating system a little confusing and inconsistent. Am I missing something?

HardBoiled's picture

It think that Mr. Norton thinks the Sony is just better than the Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD which was a TV from last year. Maybe Sony has made improvements in LCD/LED technology since last year. But I am surprised the Sony got a better rating than this years Panasonic VT50. Some reviews say the VT50 is the best TV so far this year.

NITRAMEEL's picture

Sony has come out with a 70" KDL model LED, 3D, smart TV, and I'm curious, does this one perform similar to the KDL 55 you reviewed? It has the motion flow, but it's rated at 120Hrz. Is 120 fast enough for this size of TV?