Sonus faber Expands Entry-Level Lumina Series

Italy’s Sonus faber has expanded the entry-level Lumina speaker series it introduced last fall with a new flagship floorstanding model and larger bookshelf speaker.

Designed for use in a stereo or surround sound system, the Lumina V ($2,800/pair) and compact Lumina II ($1,200/pair) join the tower, bookshelf, and center speakers that comprise the home theater system that netted Top Pick status in April. Both feature the company’s signature leather-wrapped top and sides with a multilayer-wood front baffle available in walnut or wenge with maple inlays or gloss black.

The Lumina II is a larger, foot-tall version of the Lumina I ($899/pair) with the company’s proprietary 1-inch “DAD” tweeter and a 6-inch pulp/fiber woofer. Nominal impedance is 4 ohms and the speaker is rated down to 55 Hz with a sensitivity spec of 86 dB SPL (1 watt/1 meter).

The Lumina V is a larger, 41-inch-tall version of the Lumina III ($2,199/pair) that assumes the top position in the series. Like its sibling, the V is a three-way design that combines the same 1-inch tweeter with a 6-inch paper/fiber midrange driver and two 6.5-inch paper/fiber woofers. Nominal impedance is 4 ohms and the tower is rated down to 38 Hz with a sensitivity spec of 90 dB SPL (1 watt/1 meter).

Sonus faber is introducing two new features in the Lumina V. The midrange driver is housed in a “lute shaped” chamber designed to maximize the speaker’s structural rigidity and reduce standing waves. The V also employs the mid/high crossover network first introduced in the company’s $1,5000/pair Maxima Amator speaker; the crossover employs a “Paracross Topology” that places the capacitors and inductors on the negative rail of the circuitry, which is said to improve definition by reducing drivers’ back EMF (Electro Motive Force).

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