Secrets of "The Hatch"

One of the very first things we saw in Season 2 of Lost was a needle dropping on the title track of Mama Cass's 1969 album, Make Your Own Kind of Music, inside "The Hatch" (a.k.a. "The Swan"), the underground locale that drove much of that season's action. Well, The Hatch may be gone - it was blown to smithereens in the Season 2 finale - and with it has likely perished an incredible vinyl collection and the stereo it was played on. (See? We can always find the audiophile angle here at S&V...)

The show's producers were able to confirm for me that the turntable was a '70s-era Technics, though they were unable to provide its exact model number. (Any educated guesses on that, as well as the brand of speakers and amp[s]? Email them to me at with "LOST'S STEREO GEAR GAMBIT" in the header.) I also asked them to give me a list of some of the albums that were racked above the turntable, and they came through, albeit with a request (well, demand, really) that I list only five of the 10 they gave me. (They threatened to hand over my home address to the government ops who sent Sayid to Australia if I didn't comply, so I hope you'll understand.) Without further ado - keeping in mind, of course, that everything on Lost bears multiple layers of meaning - here's the ever-so-brief list:

Alive 'N Kickin': Alive 'N Kickin' (1970) Jackson Browne: Late for the Sky (1974) Pousette-Dart Band: Amnesia (1977) Grover Washington, Jr.: Live at the Bijou (1978) Geronimo Jackson: Magna Carta (late '60s/early '70s) [Note from the producers: "We made that one up!" The fictitious band is alleged to have been part of the '60s San Francisco scene; Hurley and Charlie listen to this album in The Hatch during Episode 11, "The Hunting Party."]

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