Samsung UN60F8000 3D LCD HDTV Settings

2D Settings

Picture mode Movie
Contrast 89
Brightness 40
Color 50
Tint 0
Sharpness 0
Advanced Settings:
Dynamic Contrast Off
Black Tone Off
Flesh Tone 0
Color Space Custom
Gamma -1
Picture Options:
Color Tone Warm2
Digital Clean View Auto
MPEG Noise Filter Auto
HDMI Black Level Low
Auto Motion Plus Custom
Blur 10
Judder 0
LED Clear Motion Off
Smart LED Standard
Cinema Black On
White Balance adjustment:
R-Offset 29
R-Offset 29
R-Offset 28
R-Gain 24
R-Gain 25
R-Gain 30
Custom Color Space adjust:
Red Green Blue
Red 45 7 0
Green 5 55 5
Blue 0 0 50
Cyan 0 50 53
Magenta 50 0 50
Yellow 45 50 0

gputty's picture

Could we assume that this review's conclusion would also be relevant for the UN75F8000?

1000's picture

I have never seen a review of a Samsung panel in recent times where the noise reduction features were not set to OFF for accuracy. What gives with leaving it at AUTO ? Does auto disengage noise reduction ?