Roku Wireless Home Theater 5.1 Surround Sound Setup Sweepstakes

Register to win a Roku Wireless home theater 5.1 surround sound setup (value $609.96) we are giving away.

According to the company:

"Roku’s team of audio experts have developed premium audio products that are easy to set up and simple to use."


“The Roku Audio team did research and development worthy of a high-quality brand….” Sound & Vision, November 2021


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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Brandon Iron's picture

i can't capitalize because one hand is full of cheese doodles. a great snack to listen to this soundbar.

Leo Pierson's picture


Jason Hechesky's picture

I would love to own this system as a secondary surround setup!

eugovector's picture

These post are always great for finding out how many engaged readers a website has.

zeroaxs's picture

Because surround sound through two speakers just isn’t a thing.

LuxoDave's picture

Good luck everyone.

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win!

pdfoley1's picture

ok lets try

mrcapncaveman's picture

At this point anything would be an improvement from my current surround setup, sub quit working and center speaker may as well be non existent. I need to win this.

sczoso's picture

Please pick me!

Happy new year to all.

cdxskier's picture

I'll put these to good use!

mwood986's picture

Would be a nice option for bedroom tv

sirdan357's picture

I could use this.

gfrancis0's picture

For anyone currently suffering with TV speakers this will be a 1000% upgrade.

Blue Steel Freight Train's picture

This would be a huge upgrade for my girlfriend's living room!

xgrifter's picture

Fingers crossed

esapper's picture

Have been using Roku Players for years and love ‘em!

Texas1836tg's picture

Why not?

rickyjay's picture

Looks great. Would like to hear it!

persnickity's picture

I know someone who would love this

Studickson99's picture

Would like to give this to a great nephew, his wife and daughter. Would like to wake them up to better quality sound then tinny tv and phone music. Own a few Rokus including an Ultra and they are awesome. Help me save Millenials and Gen Z from clueless crapopy wound!

ictaudiophile316's picture

This would be great for a new basement

echurch's picture

It's great how Roku integrates this system with the Roku remote.

g bilyeu's picture

Roku is a solid product!
Easy to work with.

scorpiojr's picture

Good luck everyone!!

Underboss2515's picture

Happy new year to all and great giveaway and hope to win this from sound and vision and roku.

hitlin's picture

Would make a nice addition

da Choge's picture

This Roku Soundbar sounds ideal for my brother's bedroom setup!!!

Qbix568's picture

Sounds like a great addition to a bedroom or small family room.

Txmjrr's picture

Nice system. Good to compare to Sonos.

Electroliner's picture

Finally! Roku comes to the rescue with a worthy replacement for my 10 yr old miserable sound bar…..'s picture

Well designed system to make it easy to utilize.

d.christianson's picture

always looking to test out a new soundbar system.

AaronSB's picture

pretty cool!

mround's picture

Both TVs in the house need improved sound, but neither are or can be wall-mounted. So hopefully the non-sub speakers are small enough to fit under/around with the TV on the stock stands.

HandyMan007's picture

Perfect for the bedroom

RTPBob's picture

We have a Roku connected to every TV in the house.

deafguy64's picture

I have roku at home, but the system would be a great addition!

bears_t2's picture

Would love to receive this.

Bodyjcount's picture

Would love to refresh around this kit!

willmo's picture

2022 will be better

TennisTeacher's picture

I am using 3 Roku devices already. A second surround Sound system would be wonderful!

toombsnyc's picture

Seriously, I'm off your lawn now.

Friday_Patrick's picture

Seems super easy to use

LanceTDavis's picture

Thank you for this opportunity! Happy New Year

funambulistic's picture


wcmlsx's picture

I have several Roku devices and am very interested in adding a sound bar for our vacation site.

joeydonq's picture

Might use it for my gaming gear. Think that would be cool!

WISVW's picture

Sign me up please!

hbomb7's picture

This would be nice for my bedroom setup.

KIRKPATB's picture

I'd love to have one

bstryd's picture

Oooo, great for the TV (powered by Roku) in the guest room!

dmineard's picture

My office HGTV needs this unit. Would love to take this off your hands.

Tyler G's picture

I'm in it to win it. Good luck all

Shannon1's picture

There's nothing like watching movies from home, but with theatre-like sound.

Ericculver's picture

I could really use this equipment

kywave's picture

This would be a monumental start to the new year to win this!

Mama D's picture

Thanks so much for a truly generous prize bundle. I only have the basic ROKU device and would really enjoy having the whole system. Good Luck to All!

kelly555's picture

Looks great! Would love it.

ds605's picture

great contest

ddklloyd's picture

Would love to win and try it out

finndago's picture

This would be ideal to replace the wretched sound on the flat screen TV. Thanks for the opportunity.

wilbrimorris's picture

Roku is a solid performer

wilbrimorris's picture

Roku is a solid performer

ScottyDee's picture

Enjoy my Roku, and have been very curious about soundbars for awhile. Would be great to win!

Joek5's picture

awesome prizes

VASILISA's picture

Happy New Year, so appreciate this opportunity to win this awesome prize!

Linger3636's picture

Great prizes!

curlyqa's picture

I'd love to try this as a simple solution for the basement where the kids watch most. They deserve some better sound ... though I may regret it.

Lovelyliz0802's picture

Would love to win this for the family!

Wexlerrules's picture

tv with this setup... I don't think I'd ever leave my couch haha!

msgulliver's picture

I have a sound bar for my outdoor TV in my future somewhere. Maybe this summer!

Soundofsilence's picture

Good luck to all with the Roku Giveaway. Looks like a great prize for sure. Stay safe.

elizaleebee's picture

This would make my husband so happy!

edu559's picture

Looking forward to hearing that sound.

thisnthat3's picture

This would be awesome!

stupidity1's picture

Now that's a Home Theater System I'd love. Wireless is the way to go!!

autumnivy's picture

This is my sweepstakes entry!

bamarkoff's picture

Wouldn't mind winning this at all!

Alysha's picture

Would love to own one!

pfisterfarm's picture

I'd really love to win this for my family. We don't really have much at the moment, and I know they would all love it.

kakio's picture

I want to win

pokermonkey's picture

My New Year's resolution was to listen to the tv louder!

Spencer.gilbert11's picture

Good luck to everyone!!

foolsmoon2021's picture

Thanks for the giveaway!

mybearaz's picture

Would love this!

lexivore's picture

Hope to win this. Good luck all!

gokelian's picture

This would be nice for both streaming and sound, especially wireless speakers making for a simple setup for any room.

lbdavis23's picture

Hope I win

sa341g's picture

Would be an awesome addition to my TV room.