RBH Sound Introduces High-Performance Earphones

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RBH Sound Expands Personal Audio Lineup with New Model

Layton, UT – February 27, 2013 – RBH Sound, a manufacturer of high performance audio products, increased their personal audio products assortment today with the introduction of a new noise isolating in-ear headphone model. Named the EP2, the new model features a sleek aluminum design and high performance adopted from the company's popular EP1 in-ear headphones; a model which the company launched only seven months ago. The EP2, unlike its lower-priced sibling, includes remote control and a microphone allowing those with Apple®, Android® and other smartphones to manage their music as well as place and receive phone calls hands-free. For convenience, the microphone and remote control button are located in an inline aluminum control module on the EP2's tangle-resistant fabric cord.

"The EP2s are a welcome addition to our personal audio product lineup," said Daren Egan, director of sales and marketing for RBH Sound. "The EP1 is a great product, and has been very successful for our company; however, there are those who want more than just high fidelity sound, they want remote control and hands-free ability. The EP2 gives those listeners yet another reason to enjoy, and control, their favorite music on the go." Egan also commented that, with the recent introduction of RBH's personal audio products, one of the company's primary objectives is to introduce the brand and a premium sound experience (much like the company's freestanding speakers) to a wider range of listeners.

To make sure the EP2 delivers impressive performance, the new model features a custom-designed 13mm full-range driver, one of the largest in the industry, all the while incorporating a sleek and compact design. RBH claims the 13mm driver gives the EP2 a very smooth and extended frequency response with plenty of deep bass, and the ability to play louder than the competition with much lower distortion. The EP2’s black and silver casings and control module are constructed of aluminum for durability, and the 1.2 meter cord is encased in a woven cloth to be tough, yet tangle-resistant. A set of medium Comply™ foam tips come pre-installed on the EP2s for optimum sound quality and noise isolation. Four more pairs of interchangeable ear cushions are included to please anyone; a large set of Comply™ foam tips and three other pairs made of silicone rubber. Also included are a cord-managing shirt clip and a small pouch to store the unused ear cushions.

The EP2s include a generous 2-year warranty and are priced at $179 per set including free shipping within the continental United States. They’re available and shipping now, and can be purchased on the company’s web site or through the company’s authorized dealer network.