Rango (Blu-ray)

It's the classic fish out of water tale of Rango, a family pet lost in the desert who must learn to survive on his own in the desolate environment. The hapless chameleon travels to the dusty town of Dirt, where water is in short supply and the townsfolk are desperate for a hero. The aspiring thespian puts on the show of his life until the local thugs show up to make trouble he soon realizes he's in over his head.

Although the first act seems to drag on forever, the story picks up steam in the second and builds up to a thrilling and satisfying conclusion. Johnny Depp voices the main character, but it's the absolutely incredible animation that steals the show and ILM deserves massive kudos for delivering the best looking presentation I've seen on Blu-ray. Yes folks, it's that good.

Saddle up to the bar

  • Chapter 5, 0:21:31
  • Depth, detail
  • When Rango enters the saloon prepare to be very impressed with the depth and detail in the scene. Check out the beams of light coming from above, the various characters watching the new kid in town enter their realm, and the impeccable attention to detail from the animators at ILM.

Waiting room

  • Chapter 8, 0:34:47
  • Detail, dynamics
  • As Rango waits to be seen, listen to the quiet humming from the secretary and the ticking of the clock in the background. Audio doesn't have to rattle the windows to sound fantastic. As for the video, when the camera zooms in on the secretary's face, relish the detail in her fur and the freakishly realistic eyes.


  • Chapter 18, 0:28:37
  • Depth, detail
  • 3D glasses, we don't need no stinking glasses for 3D! The mesmerizing depth in this scene is a sight to behold as the mayor tries to convince Beans into selling her land. Look at the detail in the room and especially the depth of the slinking rattlesnake who tries to intimidate the young lady.

Release Date: July 15, 2011
Studio: Paramount / Nickelodeon

Movie: 7/10
Picture: 10/10
Sound: 10/10