Photo Mix #4

XM satellite radio's George Taylor Morris (left) and Bob Edwards, formerly of National Public Radio, discuss the history of broadcast journalism at the XM booth.

ces-2005-photo-mix-4b.jpg Is it hot in here? Alison (left) and Thora get visitors sweating at Maxxsonics' booth.

ces-2005-photo-mix-4c.jpg DVD-RAM makes its case to be the rewritable DVD format of choice.

ces-2005-photo-mix-4d.jpg Wall-to-wall Philips Ambilight TVs - which have a backlight that can continuously change to match the onscreeen image - create an enveloping visual experience.

ces-2005-photo-mix-4e.jpg It's true - Samsung's hand-built prototype of a 102-inch (diagonal) plasma TV is the largest screen known to man. < < Back to the International CES 2005 index