Paradigm Cinema 220 and Cinema 330 Speaker Systems: First Look

Cinema 220 L/C/R: Sealed two-way, three drivers, wall- or stand-mounted, 115Hz LF, $199/ea.
Cinema 330 L/C/R: Sealed "2.5-way," five drivers, wall- or stand-mounted, 110Hz LF, $299/ea.

Paradigm's new Cinema 220 and Cinema 330 LCR (Left/Center/Right) speakers are svelte enough to hang on wall with plasma, but designed to offer the kind of performance that's earned Paradigm its enviable reputation for high performance speakers at reasonable prices. Both speakers use a 1" titanium dome tweeter, and the Cinema 330 adds two 4.5" polypropylene midrange/bass cones and two 4.5" bass cones. The Cinema 220 complements the tweeter with two 5.5" midrange/bass cones. Available now.