Panasonic Viera TC-P50S30 Plasma HDTV Settings


Keep in mind that unit-to-unit variations, viewing environment, source, and screen (in the case of front projectors) might render the settings I used less than optimum on some samples of this display. On the other hand, some parameters should be set to the same values presented here regardless of these factors. In the following list, the parameters that can be set with confidence to the specified values have no asterisk.

Parameters flagged with a single asterisk are likely to require different settings than mine. I encourage you to acquire a display-setup disc such as Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics on Blu-ray or any of the several setup DVDs available and use it to set these controls yourself.

Parameters flagged with a double asterisk are also likely to require different settings than mine, but they should be adjusted only by a qualified technician with the skill and equipment to do the job correctly.

Thanks to Joel Silver, president of the Imaging Science Foundation, for suggesting that I identify the picture controls in this manner.

Picture Menu
Picture mode: Cinema
*Contrast: +64
*Brightness: +57
*Color: +45
*Tint: 0
*Sharpness: +65
Color temp.: Warm 2
Color mgmt.: Off
C.A.T.S.: Off
Video NR: Off
Aspect adjustments

  • Screen format: Full
  • HD size: Size 2
  • H size: Size 2
  • Zoom adjustments: N/A
HDMI settings
  • HDMI/DVI RGB range: Auto
  • Content type: Off
Advanced picture
  • 3D Y/C filter: N/A
  • Color matrix: N/A
  • Block NR: Off
  • Mosquito NR: Off
  • Black level: Light
  • 3:2 pulldown: Auto
  • 24p Direct in: 60Hz


DSharkey's picture

I bought this TV about two weeks ago and absolutely love it. The picture quality is superb and the color differentiation is outstanding. I've watched a blu-ray disc and hooked up my PS3 and have been very happy. Also, I've been blown away at how crisp and detailed the images are when I watch sports. Using an HDMI is mandatory to take advantage of this TV's graphics.

I have one criticism. The sound quality is not that great. I don't think it's terrible by any means, but more just adequate. I hook up most of my sound to go through my surround sound, but when the TV sound stands on its own, it is ok but I was hoping for more. I'd encourage you to look into getting decent surround sound. If you're going to invest in this TV, might as well have some decent sound to match the awesome graphics.

Two details: First, like most plasmas, it is HEAVY and weighs a lot. Make sure you have a proper TV stand that can handle its weight (I bought a new TV stand with the TV). It comes with a docking stand that is easy to assemble and keeps it secure and in place. However, you will need two people to lift it into the stand. Second, like most plasmas, it uses a lot of power. If you're worried about energy consumption, this probably is not the TV for you.

I did a lot of research prior to getting this tv. First, Panasonic makes awesome plasma TV's which get great reviews. Second, I know that LED tv's are really popular these days, but from what I've read the color and picture quality as well as the motion on plasmas are much better. Third, all the horror stories about "burn-in" are probably more relevant to older plasma tv models and seems to be exaggerated. If you take proper care of your tv (don't leave it frozen on the same image for 8 straight hours), I think you'll be fine. If you don't know what is the proper care of a plasma, do some research beforehand. Also, as mentioned in another review, it has a screensaver that kicks in if it stationary for too long to prevent burn-in. Another reviewer suggested playing around with the contrast and brightness which I agree with. You want to tweak it for optimal settings (I have my TV in a darker place with less light so I don't need to boost it up).

All in all, this is a really great TV for a good price. I have been very happy and have no regrets.

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Thank for reading!