Oh My, Play-Fi Is Hi-Fi Over Wi-Fi for Android Devices

For Android users who are weary of not getting any AirPlay love, there’s Play-Fi. Play-Fi is a technology that streams “pure, lossless audio” wirelessly using a standard Wi-Fi network. The basic technology can be built into a variety of devices – AVRs, TVs, speaker docks, etc. – and can stream audio to multiple rooms simultaneously (and in sync) or independently with different sources for different devices. Since it uses the existing Wi-Fi network in your home without any proprietary variations, a Play-Fi connected system is extremely easy to set up and does not require special logins or lengthy computer-based wizard-driven setup processes.

The system is controlled through a free Android Play-Fi app. Being based on the Android OS means that in addition to typical Android smartphones and tablets, you can also use the Kindle Fire as a music source and controller for a Play-Fi system. Non-Android devices with built-in Bluetooth can still be used as sources of audio via Bluetooth, although multiroom audio streaming and lossless audio transmission are not supported when using Bluetooth.

Play-Fi is the name of the basic technology, so you won’t find Play-Fi-branded speakers or docks. Phorus is one of the first companies to release Play-Fi-enabled gear, specifically the PS1 Speaker ($199) and the PR1 Receiver ($149). The PS1 amplified desktop speaker includes a USB connector cable for charging your portable device. The PR1 Receiver can be used as a wireless source with AVRs or amplified speakers. Look for other Play-Fi-enabled products in the near future.

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