New Products - November 2004 Page 2

1104 - new products - rca RCA Move over, plasma - RCA's latest rear-projection TV is actualy thin enough to mount on a wall. Special optics and a new DLP engine in the 61-inch Scenium Profiles HD61THW263 help keep its depth to just under 7 inches. There's still room in the chassis for an HDTV tuner, though, as well as a slot for a CableCARD, which you lease from your cable provider to unscramble premium high-def channels like HBO. Once you hook up the set to your broadband modem via the Ethernet jack, you can use the convenient Web browser to surf the Net during commercials. And the free TV Guide OnScreen interface makes it easy to find your favorite shows. High-def inputs include HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), component video, and dual two-way FireWire ports. Wall-mounting hardware is optional. Price: $9,799., 800-336-1900

1104 - new products - samsung Samsung A progressive-scan hookup from your DVD player to your TV is usually the best a player can offer, but the component-video cables still carry only analog signals. Samsung's DVD-HD941 has an HDMI output that will feed your high-def TV an all-digital signal, upconverted to HDTV format. The connector will also pass Dolby Digital and DTS signals, so you need only one cable to your TV or receiver, as long as it has an HDMI input. For its next trick, the HD941 plays DVD-Audio discs and Super Audio CDs as well as MP3 or JPEG files on CD. Price: $350., 800-726-7864

1104 - new products - mirage Mirage Using the same technology as the company's popular Omnisat speakers, the Mirage Nanosat will stick out only about 6 inches when you mount it on a wall or ceiling. Each Nanosatellite teams a 2 3/4 -inch polypropylene driver with a 3/4 -inch titanium tweeter. Both drivers use Omniguide acoustic reflectors to disperse sound uniformly in every direction, which Mirage says is more like live music. An 8-inch subwoofer completes the 5.1-channel system. With a 75-watt amplifier, the 11 5/8 x 13 1/2 x 13 1/2 -inch sub is rated to rumble down to 30 Hz (±3 dB). You can choose a finish to match your plasma TV (platinum), your other gear (black with platinum trim), or your walls (white). Mounting hardware for the satellites is included. Price: $800., 416-321-1800