New Products -- June 2002 Page 3

Sony Once you've hung Sony's 42-inch Wega KZ-42TS1 plasma monitor on the wall, you can start watching TV right away. Unlike most of the plasma sets on the market, the Sony has a built-in analog tuner. You'll still need to hook up an outboard HDTV tuner to watch digital programs, but the widescreen set automatically identifies the format - 480p, 720p, or 1080i - and produces the best image possible on its 1,024 x 1,024-pixel screen, performing 2:3 pulldown when necessary. Audio played through the built-in stereo speakers can be given a 3-D effect by TruSurround virtual surround processing. The set has composite- and S-video inputs, a wideband component-video input, and a VGA-style RGB port. It comes with a detachable tabletop base (shown) that helps conceal wiring. Price: $8,000; wall-mounting bracket, $225., 800-222-7669

Quad The monolithic shape of Quad's ESL-989 flat-panel electrostatic speaker is sure to make an impression in your listening room. Instead of traditional cone and dome drivers, it uses a thin Mylar diaphragm that radiates sound equally in opposite directions. To simulate an ideal point source better than an electrostatic speaker driven by a single electrode, the ESL-989 has multiple electrodes arranged in concentric rings. Rated frequency response is 30 Hz to 20 kHz ±3 dB, and sensitivity is 86 dB. The ESL-989 stands 525/8 inches tall, with a footprint of 263/8 x 123/8 inches, but the panel section is only 5 inches thick. Weight is 551/2 pounds. Standard finish is a plastic top cap and a black fabric grille. Price: $7,999 a pair; also available as shown with a wood top and brown grille or with a machined-aluminum top and blue grille, both $9,199 a pair., 877-440-0888

AudioControl Ready to deliver up to a kilowatt of total power, AudioControl's Pantages five-channel amplifier should have no problem getting your home theater speakers fired up. The amp is rated for 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms and has both balanced XLR and RCA inputs. The efficient Class H design means there are no noisy cooling fans, and it includes LightDrive electro-optical anticlipping circuitry. The all-metal chassis has an anodized front panel. Price: $2,500., 425-775-8461