New Products / July 2001 Page 3

Harman Kardon

Digital convergence now gives us Harman Kardon's DMC 100 Digital Media Center, combining a DVD-Video player, a 30-gigabyte hard drive, and Internet connectivity in one 171/4 x 43/8 x 131/8-inch chassis. Controlled by a 566-MHz Intel Celeron processor, the device can play MP3 or Windows Media Audio files. Broadband and dial-up connectors enable Web browsing and e-mail using the wireless keyboard. A subscription to the ZapMedia service ($9.95 a month) is required for full functionality. There's a front-panel USB port, and the back panel has a coaxial digital audio output, composite- and S-video outputs, and a VGA output. Price: $899. 516-496-3400,


Does your music need to get out more? Parasound's Outsiders can get it at least as far as the yard. There are two speakers: the Outsiders S (small), with a 41/2-inch Kevlar woofer, and the Outsiders L (large), with a 51/4-inch woofer. Both have 1-inch aluminum-dome tweeters. Rated frequency response extends to 22 kHz, though the S bottoms out at 58 Hz while the L gets down to 50 Hz, both ±3 dB. The durable cabinets are made of mineral-filled polypropylene, with stainless steel grilles and mounting hardware. Prices: L, $450 a pair; S, $250 a pair. 415-397-7100,


Part of Kenwood's premium Sovereign line, the VR-5900 receiver is THX Ultra-certified and features Dolby's improved Pro Logic II surround decoding. It also has onboard video-conversion circuitry to handle all video formats - even HDTV - which means you need only one connection to your TV set. The amplifier is rated to deliver 130 W x 5, and decoding circuitry can handle Dolby Digital, Surround EX, and DTS-ES Discrete surround sound formats. There are seven coaxial and seven optical digital audio inputs and a six-channel analog input. An RF/infrared touchscreen remote is supplied. Price: $3,000. 310-639-9000,


Besides including a CD player and an AM/FM radio, Jensen's IC8010 Intellicar in-dash head unit has a single auxiliary input on the back. But add the optional Source Selector ($180), and you can control up to four separate A/V components and feed video signals to up to three monitors (ideal for families who really can't agree on anything). The onboard amp is rated to deliver 60 W x 4, and there are two pairs of preamp outputs. A multicolor LCD readout and flip-down detachable face give the Intellicar beauty as well as brains. Price: $250. 800-677-6863,