New Products — November 2003

Gateway Your plasma-TV dreams have a little room to grow now that Gateway's 50-inch GTW-P50M203 flat-panel HDTV monitor is on the scene. Not only can the 1,366 x 768-pixel screen bring you true high-def images, but the widescreen set is only $7,000. It has DVI (Digital Visual Interface) and VGA connectors plus two component-video inputs to handle HDTV signals, and there are composite- and S-video inputs, too. You can use the picture-in-picture feature with the built-in NTSC tuner to watch standard TV alongside a DVD or HDTV, and all interlaced images are converted to progressive-scan with 2:3 pulldown processing to compensate for the different frame rates of video and film. Contrast ratio is rated as 600:1. The stand shown is included, but wall-mounting gear costs $280 extra., 800-369-1409
RCA rca - new products - nov 2003It's surprising how quickly remote controls multiply once you start putting together a home theater system, but you can keep things from getting out of hand with a universal remote like RCA's RCU1010. It combines an LCD touchscreen with some basic "hard" buttons, controls up to nine components, and has built-in default screens for TV, VCR, DVD, Cable/Sat, four audio components, and Aux. The infrared remote comes preprogrammed with codes for popular gear, but it can also learn commands from your existing remotes. A SmartMacro feature lets you execute up to 20 commands at the touch of a single button. Using the remote in the dark is easy since the whole touchscreen is backlit. The RCU1010 takes four AAA batteries and weighs 3/4 pound. Price: $130., 800-336-1900
Sony sony - new products - nov 2003The sleek, silver look of Sony's DAV-FC9 DVD Dream System makes an impressive statement, and it has the power to match. The DVD changer/surround receiver is rated to deliver 100 watts to each of the five satellite speakers, and the 8-inch subwoofer has its own 150-watt amplifier. DVDs, CDs with MP3 files, and Super Audio CDs are all welcome in the five-disc changer, which has a progressive-scan output for the best possible rendition of DVD video. In addition to built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoders, it has Dolby Pro Logic II processing for 5.1-channel playback of stereo or matrixed surround sources. The tuner has 20 FM and 10 AM presets. All of the speaker connections are color-coded, and the left/right speakers stand 471¼8 inches tall with the supplied stands. Price: $1,000., 800-222-7669
Jamo jamo - new products - nov 2003Considering a flat-panel plasma or LCD TV? Don't forget to save a little capital for a new sound system, especially one like Jamo's A 325PDD package, which can mount on the wall alongside the TV. The six-piece system comprises four identical left/right satellite speakers, a center speaker, and a wall-mountable subwoofer that's only 53¼8 inches deep. Each L/R satellite has a 4-inch midrange/woofer, a 3/4-inch tweeter, and a rated bandwidth of 90 Hz to 20 kHz. Dimensions are 5 5/8 x 11 1/4 x 3 inches. The center speaker, with dual 2-inch midrange drivers, is 16 1/4 inches wide, and like the L/R satellites, it has a curved back to help eliminate standing waves. Extending the system bandwidth down to 40 Hz, the sub has an 8-inch driver and is powered by a 100-watt amplifier. All of the components are finished in silver with black grilles to complement the sleek look of flat-panel TVs. Price: $899., 847-465-0005
Kenwood kenwood - new products - nov 2003Satellites are targeting your house - but don't worry, they just want to bring you 100 channels of Sirius satellite radio via Kenwood's DT-7000S home tuner. Once you hook the tuner up to your home system and subscribe to the service ($12.95 a month), you'll soon be surfing the 60 music and 40 talk-radio channels like a pro. The four-line scrolling display makes it easy to check out what's on other channels before you tune in, and a memo function will remember song titles and artists. Plus, you can store presets in four different user profiles so Mom's adult-contemporary channels won't get mixed up with Junior's heavy metal. The tuner has analog stereo and optical digital audio outputs. A remote control is supplied. Price: $300., 800-536-9663
Yamaha yamaha - new products - nov 2003You won't need an outboard amp for your upscale home theater setup with Yamaha's flagship THX Ultra2-certified RX-Z9 receiver. It can power seven full-size main speakers, plus a pair of speakers in a second zone, all by itself, delivering a rated 170 watts each to seven channels and 50 watts each to the remote outputs. Obviously, 6.1/7.1-channel playback of Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES soundtracks is what this baby's all about, and the new Dolby Pro Logic IIx and DTS Neo:6 processing are onboard to bring stereo and four-channel programs to the full-dimensional surround sound party. (DPL IIx upgrades DPL II to generate a back surround channel.) You also get 51 DSP modes, and proprietary processing is said to optimize the sound for your room's acoustics. Composite- and S-video signals can be converted to component-video to make switching between devices easier, and there are no less than six component-video inputs and two outputs. The populous back panel also has seven A/V inputs, including three video and two audio recording loops. A pair of FireWire ports can accept digital audio signals from an SACD or DVD-Audio player for decoding in the receiver with full bass management. Price: $4,499., 800-492-6242

RokuMany DVD players these days will display digital still photos on your TV, but their resolution tops out at the DVD maximum of 540 horizontal lines - way short of the mark for a high-def set. With Roku's HD1000 high-definition photo viewer, however, you can be sure your photos always look their best. The slim component (only 17 x 1 5/8 x 8 7/8 inches) has front-panel slots for every common type of flash-memory card and back-panel outputs for component-video and VGA signals. There are also USB and Ethernet ports for displaying multimedia content from a PC over a network, and you can route standard-def photos or video through the Roku's S-video jacks. An RS-232 port allows for external control. Price: $499., 650-321-1394 roku - new products - nov 2003

Key Digital Systems key digital - new products - nov 2003The DVI connector is fast becoming a key part of modern video gear, with most current HDTVs and HDTV monitors having at least one. If your DVI installation has a long cable run, you may want to cast your eyes on Key Digital Systems' 30-foot DVI cable. The male-to-male cable provides a simple, single connection for digital TV hookups. It has silver-plated copper conductors and high-density polyethylene insulation and supports video resolutions up to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Price: $349., 718-796-7178
Replay TV replay tv - new products - nov 2003Is your family still arguing over the VCR? With its networking function, ReplayTV's 5500 hard-disk recorder may calm things a little. The recorder can stream video over a home network to other ReplayTVs in the house, letting you pause a recorded show on one machine and finish watching it on another. When telling it what to record, you can specify whether you want first-run episodes of a show or all of them, including reruns. The handy QuickSkip button will jump ahead in 30-second increments, while fast-forwarding goes up to 20x speed. And the program guide updates itself through your Internet connection - broadband or dial-up. The hard disk has space for up to 40 hours of shows, although models with larger drives (up to 320 hours) are available. Price: $550., 877-737-5298
Denon denon - new products - nov 2003Dorm rooms, bedrooms, offices - some places just aren't made for a 5.1-channel speaker system. But they can still have surround sound with Denon's D-M71DVXP home theater system. Comprising a DVD player/receiver, a pair of speakers, and a subwoofer, the system creates a surround sound effect with Dolby Virtual Speaker processing, said to simulate even the sound reflections from the phantom speakers. And Dolby Pro Logic II lets you derive virtual 5.1-channel surround from stereo or four-channel sources. The player/receiver is rated to deliver 20 watts to each speaker, while the sub's 6-inch driver is powered by its own 100-watt amplifier. A progressive-scan output keeps video sharp, and the AM/FM tuner has 40 presets. The system also has Dolby Headphone virtual surround processing. Price: $999; with no subwoofer, $699., 973-396-0810

NHT nht - new products - nov 2003Your guests will wonder where that rumble is coming from after you've installed NHT's iWS subwoofer in the wall of your home theater or listening room. The in-wall sub has a 12-inch flat driver and is rated down to 27 Hz. Because the magnet assembly is mounted inside the driver frame, thickness is reduced to only 3 3/4 inches. The enclosure measures 14 x 38 inches, letting it fit between standard 16-inch-spaced studs in new construction (much easier than a retrofit), and it comes with a paintable matte-white grille. The iWS sub is designed for use with NHT's Evolution X1 crossover and A1 power amplifier, rated to deliver 250 watts. Price: $1,150 (with amp and crossover)., 707-748-5940