New Product: Mitsubishi WD-57732 57-inch 1080p Rear-Projection DLP HDTV

KALEID-O-SET In the modern TV world of huge screens and off-the-scale resolution, color matters more than ever. The palette in Mitsubishi's 57-inch 1080p set is run by a 6-Primary Color System, which creates the "subtractive" colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow) directly instead of mixing red, green, and blue. For you, that means picture brightness is steady no matter how deep your colors run.

THINKING MAN'S TV Plug a component into any input and the ClearThought system will immediately recognize it and ask what you want to call it. Then when you dial up menus, they'll mercifully include only the inputs being used. Smart TVs are so hot. Price: $2,799 800-332-2119

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