The Morrow Audio High-end HDMI Cable with SSI Technology Sweepstakes

Register to win a Morrow Audio High-end HDMI Cable with SSI Technology (MSRP $139.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Made to Morrow Audio high-end specifications with 4K-ready enhancement and meeting its proprietary and renowned SSI Technology guidelines, the HDMI cable helps produce phenomenal home theater picture and sound quality unlike others. With solid soundstage delivery, viewers can see and hear the sounds never before experienced until now.

“When I installed your HDMI cable the improvement was pretty drastic. Colors are now much more vibrant, the edges are razor sharp....simply everything regarding picture quality is much better than with the Monster HDMI cable.” – Steve M. from Indiana

Readers can also register now to win a $1,000 Morrow Audio Shopping Spree and an iPOD Touch (64GB) at Customers also get an immediate 45% off purchases in our Trade Up To Morrow program and more!

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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I need this!!

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Very nice

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My TV will thank you.

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HAHAHAHA! I love free things but I couldn't be less excited about a giveaway. Consider me in the "cables are cables" camp. Hopefully this makes someone happy.

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would love this to compare the difference in quality to what I have to really see the improvements

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Could definitely use some new cables.

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yes please

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Hope this solves that problem!

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This will make my TV have better picture quality and home theater sound

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I have never used an expensive hdmi cable.

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I hope I win so I can compare to a $1 cable, sound and vision should not be promoting snake oil...

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Certainly worth a try.

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entry comment

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crossing my finger....

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Me me me!

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Me! Me! Me!

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Skeptical for few reasons:

1) I never win anything (not even in any casinos in Vegas)
2) My luck typically sucks
3) Not sure how this expensive cable makes a dramatic improvements over regular MonoPrice cables which can be had for less than 30 dollars - which is almost 100 dollars more.

Oh well, let's wait for my luck to change to see the magic that this cable can pull.

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Anxious to improve!!!!

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Inglewood always up to no good...

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This is neither spam nor is it profane!

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I mos def rikki tik can use this, so thanks for the contest.

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I'll probably get to experience Atmos in my home before any theater nearby has it. Isn't that crazy?

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I would love to see the difference is in my basic amazon cables versus these high end cables.

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Wouldn't it be nice!

Thanks for the great giveaways!

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Interested to see if there really is a difference in cables.

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Love to give it a try.

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A NEW digital cable that will make colors pop ya da ya da ya da,. If all of the information on how HDMI cables work wasn't out there. If transition minimized differential signaling hadn't been explained tens of thousands of times these claims might hold some water but that's not the case. All of these claims are a bunch of crap. You can drop any hope of improvement and just buy a $10 amazon or monoprice cable.

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I hope I win.

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Can't wait to hear/see the difference!

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Thanks Marrow

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Gotta be better than my current Monsters.

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A sweet new HDMI cable would be nice! :-)

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I really need new HDMI cables and why not turn to the best.

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Thanks for the giveaway, and the opportunity!
I know I can use this!

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Yes please, need a new HDMI cable. This works for me.

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I'm in!

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Please ship to Michigan!