More 1080p From HP

HP was not only here, it brought more than laptops to the booth. On the left are two 1080p LCDs, the 42" LC4276N and the 47" LC4776N. Both have three HDMI inputs, and a bevy of other impressive features. but the prices are total mainstream: the LC4276N is $1,899 with the LC4776N tipping the scales at just $2,499. We've liked what we've seen from HP's plasmas, so you can bet we're going to get a look at one of these LCDs.

Speaking of plasmas, the two sets on the right are the 42" PL4272N and the 50" PL5072N. The PL4272N is 1024x768 and retails for just $1,499 and the PL5072N is listed as 1365x768 with a tag of $2,299. Like the LCDs, three HDMI inputs are included in each plasma, along with a relatively premium feature set.

Plasmas don't fare as well as LCD in a brightly lit room in terms of snap and contrast, and that was very evident here. While it's not possible in a show environment to do so, I'd have loved to throw down the lights and put on a movie and watch the tables turn. Still, HP is serious about flat panels of both flavors and it shows.