M&K Sound Announces New Line of THX Certified Subwoofers

M&K Sound has announced a new series of THX Certified subwoofers that builds on the performance of its X Series.

Slated to begin shipping in January, the X+ Series comprises three models based on M&K Sound’s signature dual-driver, push-pull configuration in which both woofers are exposed to open air and one is inverted. The alignment is said to cancel nonlinearities and produce symmetric waveforms.

The three models are certified at different performance levels. The X10+ ($4,499), featuring a 500-watt RMS amplifier and 10-inch drivers, is THX Certified Select for achieving cinema reference levels in rooms up to 2,000 square feet and the X12+ ($4,999), which mates a 600-watt amp with 12-inch drivers, is THX Certified Ultra for 3,000 square-foot spaces. Peak power ratings for the X10+ and X12+ are 1,000 and 1,200 watts, respectively.

The flagship X15+ ($5,999) is the company’s first 15-inch push-pull subwoofer to meet the new THX Certified Dominus standard for achieving reference levels in spaces up to 6,500 square feet. Its two 15-inch drivers are powered by an amplifier rated to deliver 700 watts RMS/1,400 watts peak.

M&K Sound says the X10+ and X12+ models include several upgrades over their X Series counterparts, including larger voice coils and magnets and the use of ICE Class D amplifiers to significantly boost RMS and peak power output. The X10+ is rated to deliver an additional 150 watts RMS and 350 watts peak over its predecessor, while the X12+ delivers an additional 200 watts RMS and 500 watts peak over the original X12.

Low-frequency limits have also been improved over the original X series subwoofers with the X10+ and X12+ rated to play down to 20Hz and 18Hz, respectively. The X15+ is rated down to 16Hz.

New carbon-fiber woofer cones are used throughout the X+ line along with M&K Sound’s proprietary extruded-aluminum shorting rings to “guarantee absolute control and distortion-free performance in all settings.” All cabinets include magnetic grilles and are made of 1-inch MDF panels, internally braced to minimize vibration and resonance.

For more information, visit mksound.com. Click here for a brief account of the brand’s interesting history.