Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

When the first Mission: Impossible hit the theaters in 1996, I found the story to be a little confusing and flat. Subsequent viewings showed it to be a movie that got better with time. Unfortunately, the sequel in 2000 was a dud—the action was great, but the screenplay wasn't anything to brag about. Lucky for us, J.J. Abrams took over in 2006 and delivered the strongest movie in Mission: Impossible III with end-to-end action and a compelling story. The fourth installment is produced by Abrams and directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles), who shows he can deliver a live-action film with fantastic pacing and intriguing characters. I guess Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is just like fine wine—he gets better with age. Not only do I think this is the best film of the bunch, the audio and video quality are demo-worthy with fabulous detail, rich colors, and one of the most engaging Dolby TrueHD 7.1 soundtracks available on Blu-ray.

The Kremlin

  • Chapter 5, 00:31:13
  • Detail, frequency response, dynamics
  • When Hunt makes his escape from the Kremlin, check out the fine detail in the cobblestone street and in the surrounding buildings. Once the explosive detonates, you'll feel the rumble in the floor right before all hell breaks loose as Hunt laterally runs for his life.


  • Chapter 9, 00:56:22
  • Detail, surround envelopment
  • Hunt must undertake an impossible task of scaling the world's tallest building and we get to go along for the ride. Before he steps out the window, relish the amazing detail of the city below and listen as the wind blows through the soundstage.


  • Chapter 13, 1:16:52
  • Imaging, surround envelopment
  • As the sandstorm rushes towards the city, listen as it moves its way from left to right across the soundstage. Once it encompasses our hero, you'll be encompassed as well.

Release Date: April 17, 2012
Studio: Paramount

Jarod's picture

Really looking forward to picking this one up tonight and going on another adventure with Ethan Hunt. Really wanted to catch this at IMAX but didn't get a chance. Can't wait!

David Vaughn's picture
Jarod, Let me know what you think of the Blu-ray. I was blown away by the presentation and the film really carries itself well the second time through. This was one of the few movies I saw in the theater last year!
Jarod's picture

David I loved Ghost Protocol! To me its the best in the series. I was glued to my seat for the whole ride. The pacing really was great and I loved all the super cool gadgets and tech! The picture quality was to die for and the soundtrack was absolutely incredible. Its my favorite soundtrack so far this year!! Total demo quality Blu-ray thats for sure. This is what an action movie should be all about.

David Vaughn's picture
I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. Hopefully the next one is just as fun!