Marantz AV7005 vs. Integra DHC-40.2

I am planning to replace my preamp/processor, and I've been looking at the Marantz AV7005 and the Integra DHC-40.2. I've read both reviews on (linked here), but I would like your opinion about these two units, especially the differences in sound quality and video processing.

Eliot Marin

I haven't seen or heard either of these pre/pros, so I can't say from personal experience. The Integra uses Faroudja DCDi video processing, while the Marantz uses Anchor Bay/Silicon Image VRS, both of which are highly regarded, though DCDi is somewhat older technology. Both provide Audyssey MultEQ XT room correction (not the latest MultEQ XT32), and both are compatible with 3D. The Integra is THX Ultra2-certified, while the Marantz is not THX-certified, but that doesn't mean it's deficient in any way.

As you read in the reviews on, each author really liked the sound and picture quality of the unit he reviewed—in fact, Michael Fremer said he was going to buy the Marantz review sample, which is saying something, since he is Mr. Audiophile. David Vaughn thought the Integra looked and sounded great as well, but there is a concern with that unit. Integra/Onkyo has issued an announcement that many of its pre/pros and A/V receivers, including the 40.2, have a problem with an internal ribbon cable that can cause a variety of issues, such as spontaneous changes in listening mode, remote commands not being accepted, and spontaneous powering on. The company will replace defective units, and I assume the problem has been corrected in currently shipping products. David didn't use the 40.2 long enough for this problem to manifest itself, but he has exchanged his 80.2 twice so far.

Given these problems, I might be inclined to go with the Marantz at this time. However, I'm sure that both look and sound excellent when working properly.

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It is refreshing to see such candor is a published response. Thank you for bringing up the Onkyo/Integra issue. While I'm sure they will take care of customers, it is nice to see publications notify potential customers of potential or known problems.

Keep up the good work.

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I just went through this myself. I ended up going with the Integra 40.3 which has the oppo 93 video processor. (Maervell Kyoto g2h) so an upgraded video processor for the same price as the 40.2. So I went with the 40.3 since the oppo 93 video processor is held in such high regard. I run a separate amp, I wasn't concerned with watts. I can say I am extremely happy with my purchase and haven't looked back. There have been no reports of the xx.3 units carrying the same defect. You should look into it.

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I had the, "spontaneous changes in listening mode, remote commands not being accepted", issue and Onkyo replaced the above-mentioned ribbon cable. It was a very quick turnaround.

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Yup, I have the TX-NR708, and just this morning it stopped working with the remote. I was using the Onkytroller Android app to control it until I could call support tomorrow and get a shipping label, now it's occasionally randomly switching sources over to Cable/Sat every few minutes of use. Very frustrating, especially for a 6 month old piece of equipment. This is my first Onkyo product and will be my last.

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