Luxury Housing: Spruce Up Your Home Theater

You’ve got the gear, but when it comes time to show it off, can you walk the walk? There are many approaches to displaying or hiding your home theater equipment and a multitude of furniture, mount, and accessory products out there. Here are just a few that, we think, put their own unique spin on your personal space.


Flexible Flying
BDI offers many high-quality standalone home theater cabinets, but its Semblance modular system, offered in various configurations for storage, office, or theater use, offers an uncommon level of design flexibility. The pre-selected 5423-TJ system ($6,840 as shown) is available in natural stained cherry, walnut, espresso stained oak, and chocolate stained walnut; dimensions are 79.5 x 130 x 22 (HxWxD). The open-backed shelves feature fingerprint-resistant micro-etched tempered glass shelves and are 16.5 inches deep to accommodate tighter spaces, while the Mirage main cabinet when included boasts a 22-inch depth for hiding larger components. Optional wire-management kits conceal cables and route them down the back edges of the thick side panels for a clean, contemporary look. Additional modules include enclosed storage units with opaque glass doors and soft-close hinges, desk and drawer units, and others.


You’re Fired!
Bello’s newest line of A/V furniture, including the Manhattan cabinet shown here ($1,000), puts the heat on with a highly adjustable Spectrafire Plus electric fireplace that offers users control of flame colors (five of them), speed, and intensity, as well as a thermostat for the integrated space heater. There’s even a remote control and sleep timer. Measuring in at 26 x 76 x 18 inches (HxWxD), the cabinet comes in cocoa finish with black trim and handles TVs up to 175 pounds and 80 inches diagonal. There are dark-tinted tempered glass doors that pass IR signals to the four hidden component shelves, a built-in cable-management system, and internal air slots to allow convection cooling of your gear.


Yes, You Can Sit on It
Theater seating can range from low-budget specials you might think twice about putting in your home to high-end, uber-pricey lounges and sofas with fancy flourishes and custom upholstery. Salamander Designs now offers an attractive alternative to its premium, custom seating in the T3 recliner ($1,300 each), part of its AV Basics line. By offering a standardized package, the company keeps costs down and quality up. The T3 is shown here in black bonded leather—the only color it comes in—with included black steel cupholders. You get solid construction in a motorized, “wall-away” recliner at an affordable price. Of course, if you’re looking for something fancier, you can always visit the Custom Configurator at the company’s Website to create your own dream seating arrangement from any of their premium lines.


Third Screen’s the Charm
Diamond Case Design is both furniture maker and home theater installation company, so they come at their products from a “what’s possible” perspective. Example: the Triple Play (starting at $5,999), which can house up to a 70-inch main television plus two hidden screens up to 32 inches on retractable wings. It’s offered in two standard styles, a modern design (shown here with a 65-inch TV and speakers) and traditional styling with raised doors, fluting, and crown moldings. Dimensions are typically 81 x 76 x 22 inches (HxWxD), though every piece is made to order and customizable for size, style, and finish (including a match to existing furnishings). For additional cost, Diamond Case can even motorize the wings or add matrix switching for the TVs.


Sweet Reflections
Mirror-hidden TVs that make themselves visible when powered up aren’t brand new, but Hiframe’s approach is unique. You start with your own flat-panel TV and purchase any of Hiframe’s self-contained designer wall cabinets to enclose your set behind the glass, either mirrored or various colors. At top, the Dual Electric Fireplace wall (102 x 79 x 16 inches (HxWxD), $21,495 as shown) accommodates TVs up to 80 inches and integrates electric fireplace units that use LEDs and water vapor from refillable water cartridges for a convincing flame effect; it’s seen here with a 65-inch TV and is available in Mirabello Mirror or Black glass, both of which allow the TV image to pass through when the set is active. At right, the Kastiel Cube (87 x 87 x 4 inches (HxWxD), $19,495 as shown) handles TVs up to 70 inches behind mirror or black glass; the custom-order outer frame is included (there are several colors/designs to choose from). Both models can be outfitted with LED edge-lighting around the frame.


Sonos Sitting Pretty
The Sonos wireless multiroom audio system is so popular now that, in almost Apple-like fashion, third-party accessory makers are stepping up to provide customized solutions. The recently introduced WSS2 pedestal floor stands from Sanus ($100/pr) are made to support the Sonos Play:1 speakers (below) or the larger Play:3 (left) in either horizontal or vertical orientation. Stand height is 34 inches, and three different mounting brackets are included to accommodate the two models without blocking the power or Ethernet ports. Features include an integrated wire channel through the column and base that hides cables, adjustable carpet spikes and rubber feet, and a choice of black or white finish.