Looks Good Enough To Eat!

I spent some time in the Lipinski / JVC room. Lukas Lipinski showed us a more stylized version of the L-707 speakers on custom stands that include stereo amps (either bridged and biwired or not-bridged and biamped – we're still a little confused). Tom Norton goes into more detail in his coverage below, so I won't repeat it here. Suffice to say, the sound from these speakers was, once again, very good, if a bit too loud.

On display was the 70" rear projection LCoS from JVC. On this I have to differ with Tom who felt it was the second best picture at the show, as I'd promote it to first place. The rainbow-less picture from this 3 chip "DILa" projector (JVC's trade name for their brand of liquid crystal on silicon, verses Sony's SXRD designation for essentially the same base technology) was simply outstanding. The specially made high definition video provided by JVC was getting the loop treatment, but the picture completely popped off the screen no matter how many times you saw it.