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Music Portables & Extras Klipsch iFi iPod sound system $400, May 2005 The best-sounding iPod speaker add-on we've tried to date. iriver H10 portable music player $250, July/August 2005 At the price of an iPod Mini, the 5-GB H10 throws in a color display, photo playback, FM radio, and a recorder. Creative Zen Vision portable video player $400, November 2005 Superb picture quality, good sound, and an intuitive interface meet in this all-in-one video-music-photo player. Yahoo Music Unlimited download service $6.99 a month, July/August 2005 It won't do iPod, but it's the best deal on the Web thanks to the low price and a feature-laden interface. Add-Ons Polk Audio XRt12 XM satellite radio tuner $330, Feb/March 2005 Notable sound quality and a TV output for viewing channel data make this a worthy add-on. Logitech Harmony 880 universal remote control $250, July/Aug 2005 This advanced model boasts a full-color LCD screen, but any Harmony remote is a good remote.