The Lincoln Lawyer

As a defense attorney, your job isn't to decide who's guilty or innocent, it's to make sure your client gets a fair trial and to present the facts of the case in a way to provide the jury with reasonable doubt in order to gain an acquittal. Hotshot Los Angeles lawyer Mickey Hailer (Matthew McConaughey) is hired to defend a wealthy young man (Ryan Phillippe) who's accused of rape and suddenly finds himself embroiled in a game of deception that threatens not only his career, but his own life.

Based on the book by Michael Connelly, The Lincoln Lawyer is one of the best thrillers I've seen in a while. The pacing and acting are both topnotch and l loved the twists and turns in the story. Furthermore, the video encode is picture perfect with razor-sharp detail, striking contrast, and inviting shadows.

In the mobile office

  • Chapter 2, 0:07:15
  • Detail
  • As Haller speaks to his secretary on the phone; relish the detail in the picture. You can see the minute dust on the windows of the car, the facial pores on the driver's face, and the reflection of the surrounding substrates in Haller's sun glasses.

Not guilty

  • Chapter 4, 0:21:50
  • Detail
  • Check out the amazing detail while Haller meets with his client. You can clearly read the labels on the bottled water, see the reflection of the room in the glossy table, and be sure to check out the impressive Los Angeles skyline.

DA's office

  • Chapter 6, 0:38:31
  • Depth, detail
  • We meet up with Haller as he's walking towards the DA's office. Be sure to notice the intricate detail in the skyscrapers, the amazing depth in the image, and the natural-looking foliage spread throughout the picture.

Release Date:July 12, 2011
Studio: Lionsgate

Movie: 8/10
Picture: 10/10
Sound: 8/10