Kameleon 8 Remote

Ed. Note: This remote was also featured in our Ultimate Gift Guide

If Industrial Light & Magic crafted a remote for Star Wars, it might look like One For All's ultra-cool Kameleon 8 ($130). When not in use, the remote is a serene, button-free sea of deep blue. But pick it up, and the screen comes to life with a sexy, electrolum­i­nes­cent glow. Nighttime opera­tion is a no-brainer, and only the buttons used by the currently selected device light up. With this Kameleon controlling eight devices - and featuring upgrades to support new gear - it can be part of your setup for the long haul. But it isn't just another pretty face - this baby's got legs! The Kameleon 8 offers RF (radio-frequency) control, which means it can send commands through walls or cabinetry. A control system for carrying infrared (IR) commands from room to room or inside cabinets can cost $200 or more. (The included base station translates RF into IR.) So if your gear is hidden away, this feature alone makes the Kameleon 8 worth a look. ofausa.com

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