JBL’s 4312G Studio Monitor Honors the Past

Harman set up shop at CES in sprawling suite of ballrooms at the Hard Rock Hotel. Once I wandered past exhibits dedicated to connected automotive tech, cybersecurity, and a host of other things I had no idea the company was involved in, I landed in a cozy corner where JBL’s vintage-inspired speakers were on display. Ahhhh….

The new 4312G studio monitor is a fresh take on the company’s classic 4310/4311 family of studio monitors, which were first introduced in 1968. The 3-way speaker has a vented cabinet and a driver array consisting of a 12-inch pulp cone woofer, 5-inch pulp cone midrange, and a 1-inch aluminum/magnesium alloy tweeter set in a waveguide. Mirror-imaged pairs allow for vertical or horizontal placement, and there are front-panel mid- and high-frequency trim controls.

JBL’s 4312G studio monitor is available now for $2,500/pair.

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Review this and the new JBL L100 together as a comparison and see your clicks go through the roof.