GoldenEar Technology Takes a Victory Lap at CES

GoldenEar Technology opted out of an active demo at CES 2019. Instead, company founder Sandy Gross could be found chilling in his suite on the 29th floor of the Venetian alongside his most recent creation, the Triton One.R.

With the Triton One.R recently having won Sound & Vision’s 2018 Top Pick of the Year award for speakers, GoldenEar Tech certainly deserved to kick back. Also, the calm, uncluttered environment in which Gross presented his latest speaker at CES represents a clearing out of sorts: the presence of high-performance audio companies at the show has become vastly diminished, and I’d be surprised if any of the handful of manufacturers I reported on over the past few days will be here next year. CES has mostly become a platform for TV manufacturers to showcase their latest concepts. And then there are other things like robots, smart cities tech, and…well, other things. Multitudes of other things.

Our next encounter with Sandy out in the wild will likely be the CEDIA show in September. I’m sure that GoldenEar Technology—and other similar companies known to push the limits of performance for music and movies playback—will have exciting new products to show. I’m also sure they will be presented in an active demo that will open your ears, expand your mind, and melt your face—the way things used to get done at CES.