It's Just the Motion at Martin Logan

Martin Logan's new Motion Series is a downsized line of towers with folded motion ribbon tweeter, shown. Both this smaller Motion and the existing larger Motion have complementary center and surround models. The company also showed the new ESL tower, which offers its famed electrostatic goodness at less than $2000/pair.

John Nemesh's picture

I recently purchased the Motion 12 floorstanding speakers (pictured), with the Motion 8 center channel and Motion 4s in the rear. All I can say is WOW! I am currently only driving them with a low end Denon AVR (AVR 1707), but even so, the sound is AMAZING at this price point! The have incredible imaging and a very deep and satisfying soundstage. The mids and high frequencies are beautifully detailed, while the bass is punchy enough to deliver bone rattling performance for home theater use. (even Michael Bay movies sound great!) Highly recommended!'s picture

Oops! Its actually the Motion 10s pictured...not the 12s.