The International

With an intelligent script but sour ending, The International is another outstanding video encode from Sony. Using a mixture of 35mm and 65mm film, it showcases how great Blu-ray can look with meticulous attention to detail. The audio isn't as good as the video, but one scene in particular stands out in this regard and features one of the best gun battles I've viewed in the past couple of years.

Flying over New York City.

  • Chapter 2, 0:06:18
  • Detail
  • Notice the nearly three-dimensional view of the city and the intricate detail on the rooftops—water pipes, air conditioners, and blinking lights to warn low-flying aircraft. Additionally, it's easy to see the moving cars on the busy streets.

Gunfight at the Guggenheim.

  • Chapter 11, 1:13:08
  • Detail, audio dynamics, surround imaging
  • Look at the texture on the walls, the architectural detail in the background, and the down feathers flying out of the jacket when the bad guy is struck by a bullet.
  • Listen for the explosive sound of gunshots with each pistol having its own distinct sound and the screams of the crowd as all hell breaks loose.

Entering Istanbul.

  • Chapter 15, 1:38:51
  • Detail, depth, color
  • This is a breathtaking view of the Istanbul skyline that shows off the amazing architectural detail, individual wakes from the boats in the river, people walking the streets, and the bright yellow cabs crossing the bridge.

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