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Listening to a client is the most important thing an installer can do," Gordon says. "At the beginning of a job, I elicit as much information from my clients as possible so I can determine their comfort level with technology and establish a good idea of their true budget."

He also feels it's important he be able to show his clients a variety of options. "The more they see and understand, the better their comfort level and the more empowered they are to participate in the process," reasons Gordon. "These people trust us, and it's our duty to give them true value for every penny spent."

Based on the husband's reaction to the installation, that appears to be exactly what happened. "We're extremely satisfied with Gordon's work and the performance of the systems we chose," he says. "Communication was a bit of an issue in the beginning. Since Gordon's been in the business for a long time, he tended to speak in a language we didn't understand. He was going on certain assumptions initially, but it was pretty easy to remedy."

The husband feels that the home theater makes up for whatever tension was caused by the negotiations over the media room. "In the media room, I wasn't involved in 98% of the decisions, but I was involved in 98% of what went on in the theater," he recalls. "It helped when we were dealing with the media room to know that I was going to get my blow-out room downstairs."

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