Lady and the Tramp 50th Anniversary Edition—Buena Vista

Video: 5
Audio: 4
Extras: 3

Disney’s love letter to dogs everywhere, Lady and the Tramp remains a sweet, funny adventure. This new 50th Anniversary Edition replaces the 1999 movie-only release, extensively restored, remixed, and remastered.

The extra-wide 2.55:1 anamorphic image is hypnotically beautiful, first and foremost for the wide range of rich, blemish-free colors. The background details become more evident the longer you watch. You can almost read the text on Lady’s housebreaking newspaper. The strength of the blacks is revealed in the effortless blend of light and heavy shadow in many scenes. Since the film is only 76 minutes, a full-frame presentation is also available on disc one, a pan-scan of the widescreen and not the reframed version of the movie that was created by the studio for those theaters unprepared to show CinemaScope in 1955.

The audio is typical of Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mixes, particularly those heard on the real classics. Surround effects are subtle. Maybe it’s a train or bicycle bell in the surrounds, some directionality of offscreen voices, or music spread across the 5.1 channels, but never distractingly so. Purists might want to stick with the cleaned-up mono track, which is also excellent, instead of the Dolby Digital 5.1 track.

An entire second platter’s worth of extras comes on strong for the kids, with an onscreen board game, a Virtual Puppy DVD-ROM feature, and the infotaining “PuppyPedia.” There’s a making-of, some deleted scenes, and in-depth looks at storyboarding for us grownups.