I'd Really Like to Meter

The picture doesn't do it justice, but Logitech's $299 Squeezebox wins the prize here for the coolest looking display on a product. You can pick other display layouts, but the one with the digitally simulated analog VU meters dancing back and forth warms my cockles. (And let me tell you, they've been pretty cold lately...) The fact that it's a great device to use to propagate digital music throughout the house doesn't hurt, either. The $2,000 Transporter (the Squeezebox's audiophile big brother) was in the next room, but I was afraid to get too close for fear I'd like it too much and have to buy one.

On a separate note, the Logitech folks assured me that the rumors of a Harmony remote with voice recognition were just that (and the executive who mused out loud about the feature has been gagged and bound and won't be let out until Logitech has a 99% market share).