How to Stream the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics may be halfway through, but with so many streaming opportunities, you can get caught up on everything that’s happened. Like the 2020 Summer Olympics held last year, NBCUniversal is again offering replays, highlights, interviews, and live coverage. Here’s how to stream the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

While Roku offered a submenu on the home screen for the Summer Olympics, unfortunately, it didn’t repeat the quick links like they had available last year. However, Apple TV offers direct access from a dedicated page that can be accessed from its home screen.

On the home screen, switch to the Sports menu, where you’ll see a featured banner linking to the Beijing 2022 Olympics videos. This brings up a menu of live and upcoming events. Live broadcasts are easy to spot with a red “Live” banner in the upper corner of the listing. The top row links to current coverage on Peacock’s live virtual TV channels where you can watch: Olympic Spotlight; interviews, analysis, and more; and 24/7 coverage. Each item takes you directly to the stream without you needing to concern yourself with which NBC channel is streaming it.

Below the live game coverage, live and upcoming events are listed under each sport—Figure Skating, Downhill Skiing etc.—with the scheduled time. Events can be added to your Up Next list, so you won’t miss the competitions you most want to watch.

Amazon Fire TV has also made it easy to access the Olympics by adding a row on the home screen for the Olympic Winter Games on Peacock. A limited number of tiles take you to live and full-event replay coverage. For direct access, you can ask Alexa to “play the Olympics on Peacock.” Alexa can tell you when a particular sport is scheduled, “When is Speed taking on TV?” And Alexa can set a reminder for when a sport will stream, “Alexa, remind me when Freestyle skiing is on TV. ” Alexa can also play the Podium or the Village podcasts on your smart speaker. Echo show users will notice highlight videos notifications on their screens.

Whatever device you use for streaming, you can get all coverage through Peacock, NBC Sports, or USA Network apps. The Peacock app will take you to the app from which the event is streaming. While some videos are available for free, and you can watch up to 30 minutes of Live coverage, you’ll need to have a Peacock premium subscription for full access. The $5 per month subscription is ad-supported, and there will be commercials. For $10 per month, you can skip commercials on replays and other videos. Note that you will still have commercials if you are watching one of the live broadcast feeds. There is no commitment, so you can cancel the subscription before the first month is over and still watch videos on the app for the rest of the 30 days.

In the Peacock app, you see an Olympics tab in the top navigation. This will bring up a comprehensive list of live and upcoming events, the live Primetime Tuesday coverage, Winter Gold daily medal recap, medal standings, past Gold Medal moments, and documentaries like Picaboo about skier Picaboo Street. Feature Athletes videos give in-depth stories about the star participants along with videos about the Road to Beijing and Return to Pyeong Chang. There’s also a collection of SNL Olympics skits from over the years and Late Night show coverage discussing the games.

NBC Sports has all of the whole event replays, highlights, etc. If you have a Live TV provider with the NBC network, you can use the NBC Sports app for free by logging in with your provider’s credentials. Some replays highlight a single outstanding performance. Others are full event replays. Videos labeled “includes Audio Description” offer commentary from the sport’s experts and previous Olympic athletes. Both Peacock and NBC Sports have tiles for each sport. This brings up every highlight, replay, and live event video for that sport.

If you are a traditionalist, you can still watch the broadcast curated coverage that skips from one sport to the next. NBC can be streamed from many live TV apps like fuboTV (where you can get a 7-day free trial and cancel before you get saddled with the $65 monthly subscription). SLING-TV offers Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA.