How Do I Play Music on My iMac Through a Vintage Stereo Receiver?

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Q Is there a way I can play music from my iMac’s music app through my [vintage] Pioneer SX-1250 stereo receiver? — Paul A.

A Certainly! Connecting your iMac to a vintage Pioneer SX-1250 receiver offers a unique blend of the digital and analog worlds. The most straightforward method to make this connection is to use a 3.5mm minijack-to-RCA adapter cable. Simply plug the 3.5mm end into your iMac’s headphone jack and the RCA ends into an available “Line In” jack on the receiver. This type of analog connection is easy and convenient, but it might not offer the highest sound quality possible.

For audiophiles who seek improved fidelity, employing a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) could be the best choice. In this setup, you’d connect the USB output from your iMac to the USB input on the DAC. Then, use RCA cables to connect the DAC to an available input on your Pioneer receiver. The DAC can significantly improve audio quality by handling the digital-to-analog conversion, rather than relying on your iMac’s built-in conversion capabilities.

Wireless options provide the added benefit of removing the tether between your iMac and receiver. To go this route, you would plug a Bluetooth audio adapter into an RCA input on the receiver and pair the adapter with your iMac so you can enjoy wireless streaming. If you’re within the Apple ecosystem, an Apple AirPort Express can facilitate AirPlay streaming. Connect it to your receiver using a 3.5mm-to-RCA adapter cable, and you’ll be able to stream music wirelessly from your iMac.

For a higher end, networked solution, you might consider a network streamer like the Sonos Port or Bluesound Node. These devices integrate with your home network and connect directly to your Pioneer receiver. Using specialized software that supports a variety of services, you can stream high-quality audio directly from your iMac to the network streamer. With this setup, you will be able to play high-resolution audio files and access an array of streaming options. Another possibility to look into is a WiiM player.

Regardless of the method you choose, it’s crucial to remember not to use the “phono” input on your Pioneer receiver. This connection is specifically calibrated for turntables and will not provide the correct equalization for other audio sources. Given your background and interest in audio technology, you might find the DAC or network streamer options particularly appealing for their capability to deliver superior audio fidelity.

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