HDTV Preview 2013

Our main take-away from the 2013 CES was that this is going to be the year when OLED and 4K-rez “Ultra HD” TVs finally arrive. And by “arrive” I mean sitting in the store, waiting for you to buy ‘em. While this development is no doubt promising, you can also count on the advanced sets scheduled to hit stores later this year being expensive.

How expensive? Expect to pay in the $10,000 range for a 55-inch OLED. And while prices haven’t been announced yet for the new Ultra HD TVs, Sony’s current 84 incher sells for $25,000, so it might help to be a hedge-fund manager or professional athelete to afford even a smaller-size UHD model.

Fortunately, TV makers are also giving us plenty of real-world options. And some of these will undoubtedly check in at very affordable prices. The gallery we’ve assembled shows the best non-4K, non-OLED models on display at CES by major TV companies. You can expect to see many of these to arrive in stores in the March/April timeframe. By then maybe the ground will have thawed, and along with it your resolve to put off buying a new TV. (You know you want one.)