Greensound Technology Glass Speakers

In this blog, I've written about speakers with glass enclosures, such as several models from Perfect8, and even speakers with glass diaphragms, such as the Hario Harion. But I've never before seen glass speakers like those from Greensound Technology, in which a single, freestanding sheet of glass serves as the (almost) full-range diaphragm.

As explained in the accompanying video, a transducer in the base of the speaker causes the glass sheet to vibrate in response to an audio signal, sending sound waves into the room in a 360-degree radiation pattern. The shape and holes in the glass panel are carefully designed so that low frequencies are emitted mostly from the bottom of the panel, mid frequencies from the middle, and high frequencies from the top.

Greensound Technology offers four models of main speakers and three subwoofers, which use conventional 8-inch cone diaphragms in sealed glass enclosures. All speakers and subs are self-powered, allowing them to be connected to the preamp with wires or wirelessly using a new 5.2GHz wireless system that can also use 5.8 and 2.4GHz, and it auto-switches to the strongest frequency as needed.

The speakers and subs are offered in five different pre-packaged systems, though you can also buy individual speakers if you like. At the top of the heap is the Serac speaker and Bravura sub, which are available in the Sempre system (four Seracs, one Bravura, shown here, $33,000) or the Immer system (two Seracs, one Bravura, $19,000). The Serac's frequency range extends from 60Hz to 17kHz, while the Bravura brings up the bottom from 40 to 400Hz.

The other speakers in Greensound's lineup are grouped under the Floe moniker. (Note to the company—all these names are mighty confusing!) The Floe Vela system consists of two Orbis speakers and one Circa sub for $8000; the system is shown here with two extra Orbises, which exhibit a frequency response from 60Hz to 17kHz, while the Circa reproduces 30 to 180Hz.

Next down the line is the Floe Lux system, which includes two Luno speakers and one Cube sub for approximately $4500 to $5000 (price not finalized yet). The Luno's frequency range extends from 60Hz to 20kHz, while the Cube takes care of the bass from 30 to 180Hz.

At the bottom of the price scale is the Floe Sonat system with two Alpha speakers and one Cube sub for about $3500. Unlike the other Greensound speakers, the Alpha is wall-mounted and activated from its center, reproducing frequencies from 60Hz to 20kHz.

I have no idea how these speakers sound, but they sure look super-cool, especially with their integrated lighting that can shift colors in different patterns. They'd look great in my home theater with its Lava Lamp and fluorescent minerals and paintings under ultraviolet lights!