Gadget Gary: Dash Addict Page 2


Actually, the biggest issue for me was where to put the Dash. I already love my alarm clock, and since I get up so early and am so rushed once I’m on the move, I spend very little time in my bedroom. I considered a kitchen locale but eventually settled on my home office, where the unit sits right next to the computer on my desk. “But Gary,” I can already hear you asking, “that seems like an odd place for it since you can find anything on the Dash on your computer, can’t you?” True, but this arrangement works for me because the screen is constantly scrolling and giving me info and updates; I don’t have to do it myself. News, sports scores, weather, headlines — it’s like having a news ticker at my fingertips. And during those times when I see an odd name or subject scroll through on Google Trends, I’ll throw it in a search and find something newsworthy or interesting that I didn’t know.

I suspect that you’ll also ask why I (or you) need the Dash. After all, the ubiquitous iPad does more — but it also costs 300 bucks more. Cellphones and PDAs can do most of this stuff, too, but none of these devices was designed to sit next to your bed or reside in your kitchen. Having a dedicated, situated device for these functions is just easier, IMO. And consider this: For those of you with housemates and life partners not quite as tech savvy as yourself, this may be just the gadget to get them jump-started.

Whether it’s using the Dash for my vital needs (headlines, time, weather) or for more fun and frivolous uses (like the polar bear camera at the zoo or the 24-hour camera on Times Square), I’m digging my Dash.